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5 Benefits of Movable Walls

AEG Partitions – Home to the acoustic movable walls.

No matter what industry you work in, you can count on us at AEG Partitions to provide you with movable walls that suit your exact requirements, so don’t hesitate to choose something suitable today!

The movable walls that we supply are designed to suit all budget requirements, ensuring that you receive the best value for money. Needless to say, you could benefit from the simple addition of acoustic movable walls; here’s how!


Our movable walls are designed to be multifunctional, making it easier for you to maximise or minimise space, as and when you need to. Here at AEG Partitions, we supply the acoustic movable walls to evolve space, allowing you to get the most out of your office space.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to divide your room or expand it, you can do so with one of the partitions from AEG Partitions!

Sound reduction.

To prevent sounds from travelling and causing a disruption, why not consider one of the acoustic movable walls that we supply at AEG Partitions? They have the ability to divide any room, making it more practical and also preventing sounds from travelling across the room. The walls can prevent sound leakage in schools and the office, alike.


As well as this, our movable partitions can come in extremely handy for meeting rooms, ensuring that they are suitable for confidential meetings and practical for conferences. There is no set purpose for the movable walls that we provide; they are designed to make a smooth, stylish, ergonomic addition to any working environment-can you afford not to invest in one?

One of our partitions will enable you to boost the aesthetics of your office, creating a more professional environment for your employees to work and for students to learn.


Understandably, you want to make your room more sophisticated and contemporary; and with one of our acoustic movable walls, you have the opportunity to do so. Our partitions are designed to look permanent and to suit any environment. Additionally, they are all designed to blend seamlessly, paying special attention to design.

The movable walls are designed to be flexible, suiting the requirements of any space, however, they incorporate a discrete design. As well as this, they are cut to size and provide acoustic performance, ensuring that volumes are kept to a minimum.


In terms of installation, you cannot go wrong with the acoustic movable walls that we supply. Our acoustic partitions are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a solution for making the most of the space you have available.

With one of the movable walls from AEG Partitions, you can easily open up an area, creating an illusion for additional space, however, you can also divide a room up into sections, making it more convenient for concentrating.

The partitions are designed to be quick and easy to install, however, our team of experts can install them for you, saving you time and effort!

For more information about our acoustic movable walls, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts, here at AEG Partitions!

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