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The benefits of movable walls in schools

The school environment should be somewhere that promotes fluidity, creativity and inspiration, right? If this is the ethos that you are trying to achieve in your school setting, then have you considered a moveable wall for your space? After all, these pieces of equipment are becoming more and more popular in modern schools, as many establishments are realising the benefit that these have in promoting a positive learning environment.

Still not convinced? We here at AEG Partitions are on hand to let you know why movable partition walls are the perfect upgrade for your school…

Adds versatility to the learning space

Long gone are the days of your bog standard classroom, which may have been short on space, colour, and inspiration back in the day! In more modern times there has been a big push on creating a fluid learning environment, which has involved making the most of all of the spaces that a school has to offer. If you are looking to split off your large class into smaller groups for project work, or open up small class for a large group presentation, a movable wall is the perfect solution.

Here at AEG Partitions we are able to install one of our walls in your school premises with ease, their ease of use allows you to switch up the way of learning on the fly, whilst also helping you plan ahead with the structure of your lessons.

Encourages collaboration and cooperation

We understand that there are going to be instances in which smaller class learning will be most beneficial, however, group learning has become more and more popular over recent years. This promotes a sense of collaboration to reach a goal together, which mostly mirrors working in a job when they are older.

Adapting to working in groups has never been as easy with an acoustic moveable wall in your room. They allow you to quickly change your normal classroom into a large work space area for group work. This more relaxed and fun environment will get children learning from their peers as well as their teachers, allowing for a more positive experience in the classroom.

Adapt to the theme of your room

As well as proving to be a valuable addition to your classroom, they can also look the part and seamlessly fit with the theme that your school has adopted. Are you looking to keep a theme that promotes personality and creativity whilst still maintaining your school’s brand to external visitors? Our movable walls could fit perfectly in the perfect learning environment for your students.

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So, are you looking to get started on installing a moveable partition wall for your school setting? If you are, the experts at AEG Partitions can help you add this piece of apparatus to your school setting in no time. We are also able to give you a full demonstration on how to use your new wall to ensure that seamless transition during lessons, so your students can spend as much time as possible learning!

To get in touch with one of our team today, simply give us a call on 0151 318 3356 or email us at sales@aeg-glyn.flywheelsites.com. You can also message us online through our online enquiry form if this is the best method of contact for you.

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