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3 enticing advantages of sliding walls and movable walls in the workplace

If you’ve been racking your brain to find a way to make your office more spacious, versatile and private all in one go, sliding walls are what you’re looking for.

Crafted from individual sliding, folding partitions, they can take virtually any office (or similar setting) and provide an instant shift in the way it both looks and operates, allowing you and your team to work the way that’s best for you in the moment.

But beyond just being a nifty tool, there are a few added benefits you’ll find once you’ve installed a sliding wall… Here are just a few unexpected advantages of sliding and movable walls.

Sliding walls encourage productivity

Sometimes, multiple departments working in the same office area communicate in different ways. And that’s OK!

One group may be more reserved than the other, one may be more boisterous than the other. But the point is, if one way of working is distracting the other from getting on with their work, even if it’s just playful chatter, something should be done.

With sliding partitions and movable walls, you don’t need to cut off a segment of your team from the overall group entirely. Instead, during more vocal sessions, they can simply use the sliding wall to separate themselves, creating space solutions where they can share thoughts on work without affecting everyone else.

Because we install noise-controlling acoustic movable walls and sliding walls, you’ll never have to worry about too much sound getting through when ordering from AEG Partitions.

This will lead to both sides of the team being more productive in their individual efforts and will help you as a company in the long term.

Add to this the fact sliding walls can just as easily be opened up to let in more natural light from a window (unlike a permanent wall) and everyone in the office can benefit from this very versatile solution in more ways than one.

Sliding walls save you time and energy

It may sound like installing sliding walls will take a lot of time and energy, but once they’re in operation, the time and energy you’ll save as a result will truly surprise you.

How many times have you been in the office and had to walk a million miles to find a meeting room when you need a space that’s more private?

That wander might not feel like much hassle at the time, but added up over months and years, and you could be spending countless hours traipsing back and forth. That’s time you could be spending on more important endeavours.

But with sliding walls, there’s no need to get up and move to a private area that’s way down the hall, or even on another floor.

All you need to do is head to the part of your office with your sliding wall and simply slide it shut.

In virtually no time at all, you’ve got a completely private space for your meeting, without needing to waste time heading to another part of the building.

Folding walls let you use your wall space creatively

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sliding walls, but you can use the space on your sliding wall to your heart’s content once it’s up and ready to go.

Sure, you won’t be able to hammer nails or drill bolts into it as you would with a brick or perhaps plaster wall – you’d cause some serious damage.

But if you’ve needed some extra space to post important updates around your office for a while, and there are no suitable walls to be found in good positions, you could always hang them with tape, blu-tack or other non-damaging adhesives.

Just be sure what you’re displaying won’t interfere with your wall once it’s being folded away – flat objects are always best.

Upgrade your office space with innovative solutions from AEG Partitions

At AEG Partitions, our moveable wall specialists have years of experience delivering the finest versatile movable walls and sliding walls UK companies can make their own, manufactured entirely in-house by our team of experts.

If you’d like to give your office a totally new look and create new workspaces for your staff, before you start messing around with bricks and plaster to build a fixed wall, consider a sliding wall or movable wall. They’re clean, compact and offer an added touch of elegance and modernization to any workspace.

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