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Terms & Conditions


This quotation is open for acceptance, for a period of 60 days and is provided as a fixed price sum for orders; that can be completed within 6 months, from the date of offer. Prices are given in pounds sterling, and are offered Nett and Ex. VAT. Due to shared costs, where multiple items are listed, a subsequent reduction in the quantity of items required, will have an effect on the cost of the remaining items. We reserve the right to amend our offer, under these circumstances.

AEG Partitions’s quotation will not include a baffle and is presumed to allow a maximum of 500mm support work, unless otherwise stated in the quotation.

Customer obligations:

  • It will rely on the sole responsibility of the customer to provide and maintain (at all times), adequate environmental and operational conditions; so as to comply with all health and safety legislation including but not limited to the below:
    • All necessary building work; both in the preparation and the making good of each opening to enable the correct and proper fixing and operation of the partition units.
    • An adequate structure capable of taking the full loading of the partitions in the open bunched or closed position and with a minimum deflection.
    • Adequate fixings for ceiling track and bottom rail; including branch tracks.
    • Level and square floor and ceiling/soffits throughout the opening.
    • Side walls plum and square to the opening, with no obstructions.
    • Clear and unobstructed access for the offloading and hauling of the finished partition panels to the opening.
    • Sufficient labour and plant to offload and haul the partition units to the opening, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
    • Sufficient scaffolding, light and power for the purpose of installation of the partition units.
    • Adequate storage facilities to enable all materials to be stored in a clean, dry and secure area.
    • Responsibility at all times for the security and maintenance of condition of materials on site.
    • Protection of finished surfaces before, during and after installation, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Any additional work undertaken or costs incurred by AEG Partitions due to the customer’s failure to prepare the site area or to provide AEG Partitions with all facilities reasonably required by it to perform its obligations under the contract including the customer’s failure to comply with its obligations under this category shall be borne by the customer.

Payment Terms:

Nett to be cleared within 30 days from date of invoice. Where track is installed separately an invoice in the sum of 50% of the total order value will be issued with the balance following installation of the panels.

An upfront deposit payment may also be requested from non-account customers. All arrangements can be discussed and agreed at time of order. However, in all cases, we confirm that “title of goods” will not pass.

Retention, Warranty & MCD:

In order to provide our most competitive price, we have made no allowance for retention, although we do include a One-year product warranty as standard, covering any defects in materials and/or workmanship. However, excluding malfunction caused by incorrect handling or lack of service. We can extend the warranty-period to 5 years, provided you enter a maintenance agreement with AEG Partitions, only. If third party involvement is issued, our warranty, will become void.

Liquidated Damages:

We are unable to accept liability for Liquidated and Ascertained Damages. Should these be specified and accepted in writing by AEG Partitions, then AEG Partitions’s total liability will be limited in all cases to 5% of the value of the order/subcontractor order.

Sound Reduction & Acoustic ratings:

Our sound reduction indices have been established by full testing and certification under ideal laboratory conditions. However, effective performance of our system is wholly reliant upon the specification and construction of the surrounding building structure. For best sound separation results; the environment, ceiling and floor voids and structural interfaces, the operable wall is to be fitted into, must be of a minimum and equal acoustic specification to be able to support the AEG Partitions operable wall acoustic performance.


Provision of a structural support is the sole responsibility of others and should be designed to take account of the maximum loadings imposed by the partition and the requirement for the structure to be drilled into. Where fitting to an existing structure an engineer should be employed by others to confirm suitability. The structure above the head track on the linear run and storage area should be clear of all obstructions or services.

System tolerances:

  • AEG Partitions 100 products product employs active top / bottom seals which can accommodate a maximum variation in level of +/- 10mm across the opening.
  • AEG Partitions 200 product employs active top / bottom seals which can accommodate a maximum variation in level of +/- 2mm across the opening.


AEG Partitions’s quotations include the following; delivery, labour for offloading (subject to site providing adequate unloading conditions), site distribution to ground floor location only (unless otherwise stated), suitable access equipment and waste disposal to a contractors waste facility. However, our quotation does not include any additional building works, which may be associated with preparing an opening or in the event of the system not being in compliance with the system tolerances, we are not responsible for any making good.

Working Hours:

All works are to be carried out during normal working hours, MON – FRI; 8 am – 5 pm, with no restricted working hours. Additional visits and out of normal working hours may result in additional charges.

Site Survey:

All offers are subject to a site survey, following which we reserve the right to amend or retract our offer. We have allowed for one visit to carry out site survey. Any further visits will be charged at £135 plus mileage charge per visit.


AEG Partitions have only allowed for the number of installation days stated in the quotation and should be acknowledged in conjunction with inclusions/exclusions. Aborted visits will be charge at £450 EX. VAT per day and mileage at 45ppm.


Should an order with AEG Partitions be cancelled/terminated due to circumstances beyond AEG Partitions’s control, a cancellation fee percentage of the overall contract value will be chargeable as follows – 10% cancellation fee, 15% cancellation fee after survey carried out, 100% cancellation fee after production has commenced depending on works completed.

This company retains title in all goods supplied, delivered and installed until full payment has been received, excepting risk which passes to the client upon delivery.

Current Lead Time:

2-6 weeks.

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