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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Fitting Movable Wall Systems

Implementing movable wall systems within your home, business or into a public domain can create endless possibilities when it comes to acoustic quality and diversity. Working with a bespoke package company like AEG Partitions is an exciting method of expanding the capabilities of your space, but you may jeopardise the success of your purchase if you aren’t savvy about its creation and installation.

Today’s blog post is all about keeping your eyes (and ears…) on the ball when it comes to pursuing an acoustic solution and avoiding the following common errors:

  1. Submitting the Wrong Measurements

Sounds rather elementary, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to fluff up the minute details that make the difference between a significant aural improvement and a monumental acoustic flop. Whilst it may look like a bunch of panels if you’re not quite an acoustic technician yourself, these expertly engineered movable wall systems are intricately designed to optimise sound quality to the vastest spectrum of decibels.

With AEG, you can rest assured that everything runs smoothly and money is not wasted on ill-fitting designs, thanks to our tailor-made partitions and panels.

  1. Forgetting About Colour Schemes

The beauty of having a movable wall system commissioned is the fact that it can be matched to the décor of the room(s) it is due to be used in. Ignoring the importance of aesthetic and colour-matching could take your partition from a tasteful improvement to a garish eyesore.

We provide a wide range of colours and finishes to maintain continuity within your workspace – you can even consider the symbolism of colour within your partitions, especially in places such as hospitals and places of worship.

  1. Unprofessional Installation or Delivery

If you purchase a movable wall system or partition from an online company that doesn’t work closely with its clients, you may be left to figure out the installation yourself, or – even worse – may receive a product that has been shipped poorly and consequently arrives damaged.

Given our years of expertise within the industry – 25 to be exact – here at AEG we are confident in our sales procedure, where we are with you every step of the journey, even past the point of sale with routine maintenance checks down the line.

With friendly and informative customer service on hand, we pride ourselves in efficiently ironing out any issues with your product, no matter how big or small. With a consistently quick turnaround, based on when we can survey your situation, companies can see their wall system or partition fitted in as little as 6-8 weeks from purchase.

  1. Neglecting Maintenance

Like every other element of a successful business, home studio or public domain, your acoustic solution will need routine maintenance and require specialist knowledge around how to best look after them.

Most acoustical companies do not provide aftercare or maintenance as a given with their services, but at AEG we understand the importance of ensuring a considerable lifespan when it comes to your purchase.

Whatever your requirements or budget, contact our team today to get the ball rolling with your movable wall system installation, or consult our other blog posts for inspiration on how to use a partition within your company.

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