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5 Reasons why acoustic movable walls are used in schools

So, you’re looking to enhance the acoustics within your school? Why not consider acoustic movable walls?

Movable walls promote flexible learning space in classrooms and allow you to control the amount of sound transmitted around the rest of the school. Acoustic walls can also be used to prevent sound disturbing other students – allowing them to concentrate.

Our acoustic walls are easily adapted and configured to enhance student’s learning experience.

When it comes to installing them, AEG Partitions can help. We manufacture all products in-house where we have access to the latest technology and equipment.

Why acoustic movable walls are so popular in schools:

  1. Reduce noise

Schools are noisy environments. But what if there was a way to keep these volumes to a minimum?

Installing acoustic movable walls, like the Teachwall 100, will help prevent students from being distracted by what’s going on outside the classroom.

The Teachwall 100 is a movable wall made up of acoustic panels that comply with the Building Bulletin 93 (acoustic standards in schools).

  1. Promote collaborative learning

With class sizes on the increase, many schools are looking to accommodate the needs of all students, ensuring they have ample opportunity to learn.

Dividing the classroom in half with movable walls will allow you to split the class up and work with smaller groups, allowing for a collaborative learning environment.

  1. Improve functionality

A movable wall, like the Teachwall 100, is a stylish way to adapt your environment. They are available in a wide range of colour options and we can tailor them to suit your specific requirements.

Running along tracks and ball-bearing trollies, our acoustic panels can maximise space – creating one big functional classroom.

One of the main benefits of movable walls is that they are temporary. Solid structures are great for separating areas permanently but the Teachwall 100 is ideal for buildings which are subject to change.

  1. Enhance privacy

Acoustic movable walls are not only used in classrooms – they can be used almost anywhere in schools, such as the dining room and gym hall. They can section areas off to create a private space which is perfect for meetings, conferences and interviews.

The Teachwall 100 can provide teachers with the privacy they need when speaking with other staff members or students.

The panels we supply and install offer sound insulation from 37-58 decibels, making them an obvious choice for primary and secondary schools.

  1. Easy to maintain

One of the reasons schools opt for acoustic movable walls is because they can easily be maintained.

Here at AEG, we offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your investment is protected and the lifespan of your partition is extended. We also ensure your school is compliant with legal health and safety requirements which are outlined in the ‘Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations’ of 1998.

To find out more about the movable walls we supply at AEG Partitions, call us on 0333 305 0050 today.

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