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6 Benefits of Acoustic Movable Walls

If Movable Walls are something that you’re keen to find out more about, you’re in capable hands with the team of experts here at AEG Partitions. Our partitions are designed to meet high specification and safety requirements, providing you with a simple yet effective solution for improving the space that you have available inside your building.

Needless to say, there are countless ways that you could benefit from Movable Walls, and here are just a few:

Managing space effectively.

When it comes to utilising space effectively, the Acoustic Movable Walls are an ideal investment to make. Our Acoustic Movable Walls are designed to suit a wide range of environments, ranging from offices, educational establishments and canteens.

Making the most of space.

Choosing one of our movable partitions will instantly transform your room into something more practical! Installing Concertina Walls like the Teachwall 800 will make smart use of the space that you have available and can change the dynamics of your room for the better.

Whether you plan to divide a school hall into two areas for different sporting activities or examinations or to split your facilities up into more manageable sections, you cannot go wrong with the Concertina Walls that we provide at AEG Partitions!

Keeping volumes to a minimum.

For noisy environments like hotels, schools, conference rooms and boardrooms, you could benefit from an Acoustic Movable Wall. We provide the Teachwall 100 to suit the requirements of various industries, providing a suitable solution for reducing the transmission of sound and creating a comfortable environment.

As with any of the Movable Walls, the Teachwall 100 is built to high-quality standards and is easy to operate, essentially allowing you to minimise volumes and enhance comfort and concentration.

Easy opening and closing.

The Teachwall 200 is one of the Sliding Walls that is available at AEG Partitions. A Sliding Wall can be slid open to maximise space and closed to separate areas, providing you with the opportunity to control the environment efficiently.

The panels that are used for the Sliding Walls are designed to run along tracks effortlessly and the retractable seals make them easy to operate.

Time-saving configuration.

To make it easier for you, we supply Acoustic Movable Walls at three acoustic ratings; 15 Decibels, 24 Decibels and 35 Decibels, to make sure that you achieve the outcome that you’re looking for. When it comes to installing the partitions, we can help you to configure Sliding Walls and Concertina Walls effectively, ensuring that there is minimal disruption made to your working day.

As a result of the Movable Walls being flexible, they are easy to configure and can enhance your building from the very beginning.

Blending style and functionality.

Deciding whether to invest in a Movable Wall is a relatively big deal; not only do you have to choose one that will suit the environment and the service users, you need to make sure that the walls are suitable for your budget requirements.

Here at AEG Partitions, we supply the Movable Walls in a range of popular finishes to allow you to choose partitions which complement the aesthetics of the room. Who would have thought that something as simple as an Acoustic Movable Wall could make your room more stylish and sophisticated?

To discuss your needs in further detail, feel free to speak to our team of experts today. We will be more than willing to help you to identify which of the Acoustic Movable Walls will benefit you, simply call us on 03333050050!

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