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6 Reasons to install a Movable Wall

Many people don’t truly appreciate or understand how much a movable wall can improve a room or space, but we like to think of them as a Swiss army knife for a room. On the surface, they seem quite simple and straight forward, but if they are used right they prove to be quite versatile. In this article, we will explain some of the attributes of our walls and the positive effects they can have.

Maximize Usable Space

Typically, a large and open room is only available to be used for one event or purpose at a time and, unless it’s filled to its capacity every single time it is used, the unused area is essentially wasted space. However, when we add movable walls to a room, it gives us the option to turn a single room into multiple rooms, getting the maximum efficiency out of that same area. This allows the room to either fulfil many smaller simultaneous uses or to be used as the original large space; all with minimal effort. Through their use we can help anyone maximize the efficiency of every room.


When a room is fitted with one of our walls, it increases the variety of purposes that a room can serve. Rather than simply being a static, unchanging space, a moving wall allows a room to be shifted and changed depending on what needs it must fill. A single room could be used for a variety of purposes including as intimate meeting areas, a conference room for large groups, or turned into an eating space.

Sound Dampening

We find that one of the biggest attractions to our walls is for sound dampening. With walls offering sound dampening of up to 58 decibels, our walls can have a huge effect on reducing noise levels in a room. This can make our walls a valuable asset for classrooms, meeting rooms, conference spaces, and other rooms where noise needs to stay at manageable levels.


All our products are British engineered and made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our walls are built to last and we back up our product with an impressive service and maintenance program. With annual services, our walls will continue to operate and perform like new for years to come. In the unlikely event that a wall needs to be repaired or replaced, our highly skilled team of contractors, engineers, and consultants come with over 40 years of knowledge and experience; all for some of the most competitive prices on the market.


Our product can be custom tailored for any number of situations in a wide variety of appearances. We have a variety of features which affect the acoustics in a room, making them well suited for classrooms and office settings. With their robust design, our walls can accommodate room heights over 15 meters. We will work with our customers to create a wall that fits their specific needs.


We offer our walls in a wide array of colours and materials. Using our available options, we can create a nearly limitless variety of looks; which can be made to match any setting and create a feeling of elegance and class in any room. We strive to meet not only the needs of our clients, but also their style.

With our movable walls, we offer our customers a high quality, attractive option to get the most out of their buildings. There is no need to waste space or worry about needing more rooms using our walls.

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