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6 Surprising Industries That Use Folding Acoustic Partitions

You’d be forgiven for thinking that acoustic walls, whether folding or movable, were only relevant to industries that involved music or entertainment – but this is far from the truth. Acoustic walls can be utilised in a plethora of different scenarios, bringing benefits to some of the most unlikely businesses and organisations.

Here is a round-up of the six most surprising industries that use folding acoustic partitions in their day-to-day routines:

  1. Places of Worship

Keeping a handle on the quality of acoustics within a place of worship is integral to the premise of its services – without clever sound manipulation, speakers would go unheard and songs of praise would lose their beautiful nuances.

Folding partitions can also be put in place in lesser-considered elements of worship, such as creating a new space for a choir practice or a reading group.

  1. Correctional Facilities

Prisons and youth detention centres are probably not the first places that spring to mind when considering acoustic management, but their implementation can aid both inmates and wardens exponentially.

Ensuring that echo and reverb are kept to a minimum within environments that require strict instruction, or creating safe spaces for group therapy, can help maintain a peaceful environment.

  1. Hotels

If hotel owners are looking to bring extra revenue to their business, opening function rooms to other companies and social events can prove lucrative. With the incorporation of acoustic walls and partitions, the diversity of this space can be used to its best potential, splitting up spaces without having the annoyance of outside noises, allowing for press events, conferences and business meetings.

  1. Charities and Environmental Organisations

For those looking to cut down on the use of building work and instead optimise the space they already have, acoustic panels can be a lifesaver. If your company’s space is rented and cannot be built upon, or for the sake of being environmentally-friendly, you’d prefer not to proceed with construction work, partitions are ideal.

For example, one branch of the charity could organise a group discussion or a weekly meeting, whilst another part could require the privacy to hold one-to-one appointments simultaneously with vulnerable visitors.

  1. Retail (Particularly Fashion)

With the increase of personal shoppers within retail stores, comes an influx in the need for allocated sections within stores, where customers can take in the advice of designated members of staff.

This bespoke service will only be a success if the customer feels at ease and subsequently opens-up enough to try on new clothes, branching out from their comfort zone. In noisy, fast-paced changing rooms often filled with pumping music, a partition can create a haven for those wishing to dip a toe in new sartorial waters.

  1. Swimming Pools

Try teaching a gaggle of excitable schoolchildren how to swim when you’re up against the difficult acoustic conditions of the swimming pool – not so easy, right? By using a partition wall, you can create an area to discuss the theory and safety elements of swimming, before letting the little ones run riot in the water.

With a range of colours and fabrics available, we can provide a personalised folding acoustic partition that suits your individual needs – which, as we’ve seen, can be incredibly varied and vastly extend from just music studio use.

Contact us today to discover how AEG can enrich your business or home with a personalised acoustic solution.

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