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The Benefits of Acoustic Movable Walls

Are you developing a multifunctional space? AEG Partitions is home to acoustic and movable walls – supplying partitions for every possible need. Ranging from sliding walls and concertina walls to top hung and floor supported options, we provide effective solutions, and professional installation, for clients across the UK.

5 key benefits of movable walls:

  1. Choice of finishes

Whether it be the Teachwall 100, 200 or 800, all movable walls from AEG can be made to complement the interior décor of your building. We supply them in popular finishes, including:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Cream
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Oak

Maintaining their stylish appeal, our partitions are designed to prevent mildew, fungi and bacteria and we can help you to find the perfect solution for your project.

If you have any design ideas or special requests, contact our experienced team to discuss available options.

  1. Space management

Acoustic movable walls can be installed to divide space – such as company departments or classrooms – into smaller areas which allow staff/students to work productively, with fewer distractions.

Installed well, they can change the layout of your room in moments and ensure floor space is used efficiently.

  1. Acoustic performance

Here at AEG, our partitions provide various levels of soundproofing, making them suitable for dividing space in a noisy school hall, splitting large conference rooms up and creating individual office teams.

Sliding walls, like the Teachwall 200, provide sound reduction up to 48dcb- ideal for gyms, leisure centres, meeting rooms and classrooms, whilst acoustic movable walls, like concertina walls, have an acoustic rating of 35dcb. These are completed with acoustic seals to fill gaps and maintain acoustic integrity.

  1. Easy operation

No matter which partition you choose from AEG, they are all designed with your business needs in mind and can be opened quickly and easily. They are either top hung or floor supported, depending on what suits your space best.

All our partitions glide effortlessly along overhead or floor tracks and prevent trip hazards.

  1. Safety

The team at AEG design, manufacture and install acoustic movable walls to the highest safety requirements to provide you with the peace of mind that they are safe to use.

The acoustic movable panels are designed to be minimally obtrusive and we offer a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentation for architects, including demonstration and maintenance of all systems.

Our movable partitions are priced competitively to guarantee the best value for money. We offer turnkey service, making sure your products arrive in plenty of time, allowing you to adapt and soundproof your building sooner.

If you need to know more about any of the acoustic movable walls we supply – be it concertina or sliding walls – don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team, here at AEG. We are always on hand to help, so call us on 03333050050 or email us at sales@aegpartitions.com today.

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