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The benefits of movable walls over glass walls

If you’ve been looking for a way to create more segregated areas in your office space, school or work premises without sacrificing space or aesthetics, acoustic movable walls with sliding, folding partitions are always a practical and eye-catching move. 

Many people also consider glass walls when seeking to make changes such as these. While they can offer a certain look, in our opinion, one holds considerable advantages over the other.

At AEG Partitions, we’re experts in the world of acoustic movable walls with sliding partitions, sliding walls and concertina walls, with years of experience in installations across many different businesses. 

So, if you’re seeking a space-efficient way to upgrade one of your rooms and are on the fence between a glass wall and a movable wall, here are just some of the many advantages you can expect from the latter.

Why choose a movable wall instead of a glass wall?

Movable walls offer more space options

If you’d like to divide your current setup and add an extra room for meetings or other work-related activities, you don’t need to build a new wall with bricks and mortar.

Glass walls will let you do this. However, once a glass wall is built, the space it occupies is lost forever and the new room it has created becomes a completely separate entity from the rest of the space on offer.

But with acoustic movable walls, sliding folding partitions not only give you the option to turn one segment of a room into a private room all its own, but you can also reverse the process and turn it back into a fully open space as and when you please. The ball-bearing trollies allow the wall panels to turn outwards and inwards smoothly, letting you create a private room out of thin air in seconds, before opening up the space once again when you’re done.

Movable walls are easier to clean

Glass might be pretty to look at when it’s squeaky clean, but it doesn’t take long for it to become smudged with fingerprints or for dust and grime to catch on and rob it of its shine. Keeping glass walls looking pristine will require multiple cleaning sessions per week.

With a movable wall, you won’t have this problem. The wall panels don’t highlight fingerprints the way glass does, meaning you won’t need to spend countless hours wiping it down with cleaning spray and a smooth cloth – just take care of it the way you would with any other wall.

Movable walls offer more privacy

For a truly private space, it’s important to restrict the view of onlookers when it suits best. By its very nature, glass doesn’t allow for privacy and you’ll need to go through the rigmarole of adding blinds, shutters or curtains to your glass wall if you want to keep your important conversations hush-hush.

But with movable walls, you can immediately block the view of others by rotating your wall panels quickly and simply, before rotating them back – if you wish – when you’re finished. Plus, with impressive sound insulation (from 37 to 60db) our acoustic movable walls are perfect for creating a truly versatile private area.

Movable walls are safer

This is a bit of an obvious point, but it’s important nonetheless. Glass walls present significant safety concerns when compared to movable walls, or even traditional walls. Unexpected trips and slips can lead to the glass cracking on impact, or even shattering altogether. The results could be a few minor cuts and bruises, but could also easily be far more severe.

Movable walls present no such safety concerns and are easy to operate without fear of injury. As long as you keep your hands and fingers clear of the edges of a folding partition as it’s closed and use common sense, you’ve absolutely nothing to worry about.

Choose AEG Partitions for your new movable wall systems

Thinking about installing a new acoustic movable wall or sliding wall? AEG Partitions is here to offer the higher specification movable walls you need at an impressive price, with installation from professional, reliable and experienced technicians who can have your new movable wall fully operational in no time.

With no pesky floor track, fantastic acoustic performance and impressive technical specifications, our movable wall systems offer an easy, low-cost alternative to making awkward building rearrangements in commercial buildings or other work premises.

To find out more about our movable walls, or any of our other versatile products, get in touch with AEG Partitions today.

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