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The benefits of servicing your movable walls

Acoustic movable walls, sliding partitions and concertina walls offer a practical, eye-catching and inventive way to make the most of your available space, whether you wish to install them in offices, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings or other locations.

If treated with care and respect, your movable walls will last for many years to come, offering you exceptional value for money. However, that doesn’t mean you should simply leave your movable walls to their own fate.

Considering how intricate the mechanisms and materials involved in movable walls are, it makes all the sense in the world to have them inspected by an expert, to ensure there are no developing faults that need to be addressed.

With this in mind, here are a few reasons why you should consider servicing your movable walls.

Servicing your movable wall systems saves you time

If you begin to notice stiffness, resistance or other issues in your movable and sliding walls, you may be tempted to try to fix the problem yourself, which could involve some heavy lifting and other potentially dangerous actions.

But you’re undoubtedly a busy working professional and don’t want to spend your valuable time trying to improve or fix your movable wall when that time could be better spent on productive tasks.

This is why it is best to have your movable wall serviced regularly by a movable wall professional, like the pros at AEG Partitions. That way, you can avoid unfortunate instances like the one described above, keep your movable wall performing smoothly and reliably and avoid being forced to try and fix the problem yourself, potentially wasting a lot of time and effort.

Plus, ignoring serious issues with your movable walls could lead to a far more costly repair down the line. So do the smart thing and service your movable wall regularly.

Movable walls experts can fix 99% of issues

Most problems that occur with movable walls, sliding partitions and concertina walls – though they are very rare – usually consist of one of the following:

  • A snagging folding partition
  • Jamming or dropped panels
  • Sticking
  • Slight gaps between panel widths

To the layman, this would spell disaster. However, movable wall professionals from AEG Partitions are highly skilled and experienced in solving these issues promptly, so you can get back to utilising your space however you see fit.

In fact, if any issues do arise with your movable wall during its service, our experts can fix a whopping 99% of problems during their visit, with no extensive repairs or extra visits required.

So save the servicing and repairs to the experts – they’re the ones who are most likely to fix any issues you’ve been having in no time.

Servicing movable walls extends their lifespan

Movable walls from AEG Partitions are crafted to last for many years, but it doesn’t hurt to try and get as much time and worth out of them as possible!

Even though your movable wall will likely last many years with enjoyable, struggle-free use, servicing your movable wall will identify any small issues you may not have spotted before they turn into serious problems.

This will help extend its lifespan so you can have even longer to enjoy the benefits of your movable wall, as well as offer even greater value for money.

How often should I service my movable walls?

We’d recommend having your movable wall serviced once a year, to ensure it is as fully operational as it should be and isn’t being damaged by unseen problems or issues with the way the wall is being handled on a daily basis.

Our experts will fix any issues they find during their inspection and will offer easy, practical advice on how to keep your wall in tip-top condition until it is serviced again.

Have your movable, folding or sliding wall serviced with AEG Partitions

A low-cost alternative to building new walls, movable walls, sliding folding partitions and concertina walls offer versatile solutions to dividing spaces while also keeping the option for an open-plan setup.

Along with our fantastic higher specification movable walls, sliding folding partitions and concertina walls, AEG Partitions is proud to offer fully-fledged movable wall systems servicing, so your movable walls – whatever type of walls they are – can continue to offer years of practicality and style for the foreseeable future. If you’d like to know more about our movable wall servicing or any of our products, get in touch with AEG Partitions today.

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