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A buyer’s guide to movable walls

Create additional space in your home or office with movable walls today!

What are movable walls?

A movable wall is carefully constructed from panels that can easily be moved to create a partition wall.

One of the main benefits of movable walls is that they provide the properties and appearance of a permanent partition but require minimum effort.

Movable walls provide a sense of freedom and are guaranteed to enhance your living or working environment. They play an integral part in interior design, and their flexibility makes them extremely useful when it comes to maximising space.

Where to buy movable walls?

Manufacturers design movable walls to match your unique requirements.

When optimising space and speed, you need top quality products like the ones we provide at AEG Partitions.

We offer a bespoke design service – drawing on the skills, knowledge, and experience that we have gained since we were first established in 1994.

All our partitions are manufactured to the highest quality offering reliability and durability as standard. As well as this, we pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that movable walls fit perfectly and perform efficiently.

Choosing movable walls

If you’re looking for partitions that offer ultimate acoustic performance, you can’t beat the acoustic movable walls that we provide. They are available in various styles and finishes and are built to be robust.

When it comes to sound reduction and room division, the Teachwall 100 acoustic movable walls are easy to adapt to suit users.

AEG Partitions make the process of installing sliding walls straightforward. Our team of experienced installers can fit them quickly and safely, saving you time and money.

Sliding walls are designed to slide open and closed quickly and safely – it’s no surprise that our Teachwall 200 gets the thumbs up from schools and nurseries when they offer a simple solution for dividing rooms.

Offering extra flexibility, concertina walls use space efficiently. They are easy to use and quick to deploy – making them ideal for schools, canteens, stages, auditoriums, meeting rooms and offices. The Teachwall 800 is designed to be modular and can connect larger spaces with ease.

Benefits of buying from AEG Partitions

Buying sliding walls, concertina walls or acoustic movable walls from AEG Partitions will provide you with a direct line of contact with manufacturers – cutting out the middleman.

AEG Partitions take pride in designing and building products, and take into consideration every detail. We reduce the time it takes between placing an order and installing a movable wall – allowing you to quickly benefit from maximising your space.

Our partitions are provided with a 1-year warranty and we will install them at a time that suits you – including Sundays!

If you need to know more about buying movable walls, call us on 07547 125493 today.

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