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Where can movable walls be used?

With more than 40 years’ experience in creating space solutions, AEG Partitions have built up a solid portfolio of clients, including big names like British Nuclear Fuels Limited and Shell UK. Why not join hundreds of happy customers and take advantage of our innovative movable wall systems and outstanding customer service?

Movable walls are a great solution for optimising space and you needn’t worry about the expense and disruption of building work either as our movable walls are usually top hung, meaning that they operate along floor tracks, or are hinged.

Movable wall systems can be used in:

  • Churches

Churches are often faced with acoustic challenges – a movable wall can help. Instead of knocking a wall down, or constructing a new one, a movable partition wall offers a temporary solution for controlling the acoustics in churches and preventing echoes.

A movable partition wall can flexibly control space, creating smaller temporary areas, whilst still being able to accommodate larger services and providing enough seating for the whole congregation when required.

  • Hospitals

In 2018/19, the number of hospital admissions increased by 6.8%, reaching 13,058. With such heavy foot traffic every day – from patients, staff, and visitors – it’s not surprising that hospitals often struggle with excessive noise volumes.

Acoustic movable walls can minimise this noise disturbance. In hectic, often unpredictable, environments like a hospital waiting room, they can create much needed space, quickly. Concertina walls, like the Teachwall 800, ensure volumes are kept to a minimum. They also offer fast, convenient ways to create segregated areas and can be used to maintain hygiene standards, as well as patient dignity, privacy, and confidentiality.

  • Hotels

Events like wedding receptions, conference meetings, and baby showers are often held at hotels and can be very noisy.

To ensure there’s no disruption for guests already staying at the hotel – or to allow you to hold multiple events at the same time – AEG manufacture, install and maintain acoustic movable walls. Our Teachwall 200 sliding walls are not only designed to enhance the acoustic performance in hotels but also contribute to the aesthetics – providing a subtle, stylish appearance.

  • Offices

Is space a luxury in your office environment? Our movable wall systems make reconfiguration easy – and adaptable. Great for creating meeting rooms – movable walls help to maintain a high level of privacy – or to organise the office by individual departments. At your convenience, you can separate, or open up areas and utilise all available floorspace.

  • Schools, colleges and universities

Movable wall systems can prevent distractions – hence why so many schools, colleges, and universities have previously chosen AEG to install them.

Our Teachwall 100 acoustic panels are designed to combat noisy environments, reducing the transmission of sound and allowing students to concentrate.

Wondering where else our movable walls can be used? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team, here at AEG Partitions. We are always on hand to help and will be more than happy to share our expertise and discuss your options.

Call us on 0333 305 0050 or email us at sales@aegpartitions.com to find out more today.

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