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How to choose the perfect movable wall for your business

Flexibility is key in the business world, and movable walls make it incredibly easy for you to change up your office space as and when you need to. But selecting the perfect movable partition wall can be easier said than done, which is why we recommend taking the time to weigh up all your options.

Let our experts, here at AEG Partitions, guide you in making the right choice for your business…

Think about available space

How are you currently using space? Movable wall systems are a great way to modernise your office, whilst making the most of the space you have. One of their biggest advantages is that they aren’t fixed so you can move them around as much as you like, opening up or sectioning off areas. You get all this flexibility without the mess, disruption, and permanence of knocking down or building walls.

Whether you’re looking to maximise office space or to split the room into separate departments, a movable partition wall is guaranteed to mix up the office look and feel – making it more stylish and practical.

Consider the interior

Many businesses choose to install movable wall systems solely for aesthetic purposes, perhaps to hide unattractive storage or kitchen space. Are you looking to do the same? Good news – we supply movable walls in a wide range of colours and finishes, including cream, white, grey and ash, beech, oak, birch and maple, giving you the flexibility you need when it comes to creating the perfect look for your business.

With our movable walls, you can design them to complement the decor you already have, they can blend subtly or be used to create a feature. If you’re looking for some inspiration, or would like to discuss your design ideas in detail, feel free to call 0333 305 0050.

Improve the acoustics

Movable walls are an excellent choice for noisy office environments. They help to control the acoustics within a room and can reduce distractions – allowing for a more productive workforce.

Acoustic movable walls provide you with the privacy you need to conduct meetings and interviews. They are also a great way to separate the office into teams/departments or create a space for staff to relax and take 5 minutes away from their desk.

Here at AEG Partitions, we supply a range of acoustic movable walls each with their own acoustic rating – and we can design them to match your exact specifications. Our movable walls have an acoustic rating of 37-58dcb, sliding walls: 45-50dcb and concertina walls: 15-35dcb.

So whether you’re looking for sliding walls, concertina walls or movable walls – you name it and our design team can create it! Our experienced installers will also make sure panels are perfectly fitted, with minimal disruption.

For more information about our movable wall systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0333 305 0050 or drop us an email at sales@aegpartitions.com. The team will gladly share their expertise and guide and advise you in making the right choice for your business.

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