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Why Choose Sliding Folding Partitions?

Sliding folding partitions have gained increasing popularly in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors, and are now becoming increasingly sought after in the public sector. Our sliding walls can offer a wide range of benefits to schools, libraries, universities, hospitals and offices.

Smart, modern appearance
Our sliding folding doors can create an instant positive and welcoming first impression. Whether it is by opening up space in a lobby area, letting in more light, or opening up an indoor space to the outdoors, we can help to make your building a more pleasant and attractive space in which to spend time.

Quick and Easy to Install
We know how valuable your time is, and as a result our versatile sliding folding partitions are designed to be installed with as little disruption as possible. The Teachwall 200 sliding partition door can generally be installed on site in as little as a single day. We can put even the most architecturally ambitious partitions in place with far less time and mess than a traditional wall, but with a more attractive, practical and flexible final result. We are happy to work out of hours (including over weekends) for your convenience.

Versatile Sliding Folding Partitions – the Flexible Option
Our sliding folding partitions take up less space than a traditional wall when closed, and take up very little space when open. But more importantly, by installing sliding walls in your building, we can give you a truly flexible space which can be used in a variety of ways. Large, busy offices or classrooms can be temporarily divided into a sequence of smaller rooms for quiet use. Smaller offices or classrooms can be opened up to create a place where large numbers of people can gather together for meetings, lunch, group activities or sport. The environment of an everyday room can be enhanced by opening it up to the outside. Our glass panels allow observation between rooms without the disturbance of sound.

Practical, Robust and Long-Lasting
All of our Teachwall 200 Sliding folding Partitions come with a 1-year warranty, but we expect them to last you much longer than that. They are sturdy and designed for frequent heavy use. Many of our partitions have been installed in buildings such as schools where robustness is a basic requirement, and our clients are very happy with the quality and durability of our products. We also offer a maintenance service to ensure that your doors and room dividers stay in top condition.

Because our partition system is so versatile, we can help your building to become more accessible to everyone who wants to use it. Doors can be opened up wider to allow for wheelchair users to enter easily, and with the option of hanging the sliding walls from the ceiling with no floor tracks, we can help to eliminate tripping hazards from your space.

Sound insulation
One of the most important features of our products is the high level of sound insulation we offer. The Teachwall 200 has an acoustic rating of 35-52 decibels, which allows for truly flexible use. Once the partitions are closed, it is as though a new room has been created.

With our versatile sliding folding partitions we are able to offer a product which can enhance your building in many ways, and open up a wide range of possibilities for underused spaces. No matter which of these benefits appeal, our partitions might be just the solution you have been looking for.

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