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Choosing a Movable Wall

Investing in movable walls will allow you to make the most of the space that you have available. When it comes to optimising each area so that they work better for you, the extensive range of movable walls, sliding walls and concertina walls that we provide at AEG Partitions are ideal!

If you’re struggling to identify where movable walls can be installed, we recommend them for any of the following:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Hotels
  • Office Space
  • Public Buildings
  • Schools
  • Shops
  • Sports Centres.


Installing a movable wall to any of the above areas will allow you to utilise space effectively, either segregating the room into departments or opening up areas to create an illusion of additional space.

Before you choose to install a movable or sliding wall to your building, we suggest that you take into consideration the following factors:


Offering something subtle and something bold, for the traditional and the contemporary, our acoustic movable walls are not only guaranteed to provide stability and sound absorption but can also complement the interior décor of your building!

Here at AEG Partitions, we aim to satisfy the stylish needs of all customers, ensuring that you have the opportunity to make the right impression for any visitors to your building.


Whether it be visual or acoustical privacy, you need to choose a movable partition that is fit for purpose. Carefully select your acoustic movable walls, making sure that the desired level of privacy is achieved.

If you’re installing an acoustic movable wall to separate a meeting room from the rest of the office, you cannot go wrong with the Teachwall 100 that we supply at AEG Partitions. This partition not only allows you to restrict visibility but can also be used to absorb noises.


Understandably, you want to choose a partition that suits your budget. Any of the movable partitions that we supply at AEG Partitions are priced competitively, meaning that you’re bound to receive the best value for your money.

The acoustic movable walls provide a high Return on Investment once you take into consideration any reconfigurations. When compared to a drywall or permanent alternative, the movable wall can save you time, labour and materials, which can also reduce the volume of waste generated, allowing you to change the layout of your room whenever you like!

Movable Walls for Art Galleries and Conference Rooms.

The Teachwall 100 is one of the acoustic movable walls that operates differently to the folding partitions. Acoustic movable walls don’t concertina, they are partially divided and are used to open up spaces.

Our movable walls provide a high level of soundproofing, making them ideal for busy offices and exhibition halls, not forgetting galleries and conference rooms!

Sliding Walls for Bedrooms.

If you’re looking for a suitable solution for managing space effectively, you cannot go wrong with the sliding walls that we have available!

A Teachwall 200 is a contemporary way to manage space within your home or office. An advantage of the sliding walls is that they are easily modified to match your ever-changing demands. In terms of operation, the Teachwall 200 glides smoothly, allowing you to open up and divide areas with ease.

The design of the Teachwall 200 is simple yet effective. Our sliding walls are aesthetically pleasing and make no compromise to the style that you already have throughout your property.

Concertina Walls for Hospitals.

The concertina walls are perfect for heavy foot traffic areas, like hospitals and public buildings.

For areas that need to be kept clean, our Teachwall 800 is an ideal investment to make. The Teachwall 800 is a concertina wall that maintains hygienic standards and retains a sense of patient privacy and confidentiality.

Made from fabric, the concertina walls can prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew, allowing you to sustain health and safety standards. The robust design of the concertina walls is an advantage on its own- providing you with a long lasting solution for dividing cubicles, wards and departments.

If you need any assistance choosing a movable wall for your building, simply call us on 03333050050 and we will be more than willing to discuss your requirements in further detail, making sure that you discover the most suitable movable wall!

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