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Considerations For Choosing Movable Walls

If you’re looking to make your office or workspace more professional; what better way to do so than to invest in Movable Walls from AEG Partitions?

At AEG Partitions, we specialise in the manufacture of movable walls, ensuring that they suit your property, maximising flexibility without compromising performance quality. Our movable walls are an alternative to permanent walls, providing you with a more robust environment.

Before you choose to install movable walls, there are several factors that you need to be mindful of, so consider the following:

Do you have the space to install movable walls?

Our partitions are easy to manoeuvre, making it more convenient for you, but have you got the room to install them to your property? You’ll find that our moving partitions offer a high specification, so you needn’t worry about them making a statement.

In one sense, our movable walls are space saving; they allow you to utilise the space you have available effectively, providing you with the opportunity to open up an area or to create a private environment.

What are they needed for?

Depending on what the movable walls are required for, you could benefit from our acoustic movable walls! If you’re looking to achieve maximum flexibility, you cannot go wrong with the Teachwall 100 that we supply at AEG Partitions – it’s suitable for schools and offices and allows you to section off areas, dedicating them to departments.

Creating privacy.

If so, our Teachwall 100 is just right for you! Understandably, you may need an area within your building that is perfect for meetings and conferences, one that’s private and quiet (away from the volumes of the office). AEG Partitions supply the acoustic movable walls to keep volumes to a minimum, aiding concentration and allowing you to hold meetings without disruptions.

Maximising space.

Open planning teaching is yet another example where the acoustic movable walls come in handy! These are ideal for combining classrooms, utilising the space appropriately and bringing groups together.

Minimising volumes.

As well as this, our acoustic movable walls make it easier for you to control the acoustics within your school, ensuring that the volumes are never exceedingly high. Each of the partitions we supply provides sound insulation from 37 decibels up to 58 decibels- creating a suitable environment for students to learn!

How to choose a movable wall?

We can bet you’re looking to update your workspace for the better- hence why we manufacture our moving partitions to match your specific requirements. When choosing a movable wall from AEG Partitions, you have an abundance of choice with regards to surface finish, size, colour and style, so make sure you choose something that will fit perfectly and blend seamlessly with the rest of the room. Our movable walls are designed to operate smoothly along tracks, held in a self-supported structure, can you afford not to invest in one today?

Feel free to discuss your needs in detail with one of our experts, they will be more than willing to help you to choose a suitable movable wall. Call us on 03333050050 !

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