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How to Create a Multifunctional Space with AEG Partition Systems

The rising cost of workspaces makes it daunting for businesspersons to carry out their activities as intended. They can either scale or delay their operations or incur additional expenses that are related to letting extra space. At AEG Partitions, we understand such constraints and have formulated a range of products that will give you an ideal space for your diverse pursuits. Our two decades of experience in moving partitions will serve your needs just right. Whether it’s the movable wall, concertina wall or sliding wall, we have a solution that will prove practical for your space management aspirations. Here is a look at ideas on how to can create a multifunctional space with AEG partition systems.
Movable Wall -Teachwall 100
Teachwall 100 is the ultimate partition system that our company can offer due to an elaborate scissor jack system that gives it the best in sound proofing. With unmatched acoustic properties of between 37 and 58 decibels, noise insulation is no longer a problem for clients who choose this product. Its panels run on ball-bearing trollies along a designated track in the smoothest mode possible. The ease of operation, rigidity and tough nature of the panels are what make it a favourite for a majority of its users. Its frame structure is made of self-supporting steel, a trait that makes these capabilities possible. Additionally, the safety features that come with Teachwall 100 make its operation hassle-free even with heights of over 15 metres that the partitions can attain.
Sliding Wall – Teachwall 200
This multifunctional space solution is ideal for learning institutions where acoustic ratings of 35 to 52 decibels are desired. Its 4,000 mm height also makes it the perfect product to install in such settings. Our installation of the Teachwall 200 usually takes place in a day, and that means very little disruption to the activities of our clients. The range of finishes available with the wall are diverse because we understand the need to ensure that customers get partition systems that complement the various settings of their interiors. Clients can rely on this product’s smooth and efficient operation at all times.
Concertina Wall – Teachwall 800
Revered for its superiority in versatility, the Teachwall 800 is a practical solution for partitioning a workspace. The elegance of the partition is best exemplified by the ease at which users can open and shut the partition, which are tasks that only take some seconds to complete. It is our most affordable workspace management solution that features a folding fabric dividing wall. The 3 acoustic ratings of the product give clients enough choices to suit their diverse requirements, and these are of 15, 24 and 35 decibels. Also, the diversity of its colour ranges makes it easy to select partitions that match seamlessly with the interiors of any space that requires a division.
AEG partition systems offers an array of award-nominated solutions that combine style, practicality and cost-effectiveness. We work intimately with architects and interior design experts to provide clients bespoke products since 1994. After completing every multifunctional space project, we stay behind to brief client staff on how best to use the product. Such level of customer service is the reason behind our long client list that includes top names in education, industry, hospitality and other sectors in the UK. Whether it is a movable wall, concertina wall or sliding wall, you can rely on the proficiency of our dedicated team of experts to give you a partition that will let you carry out all activities seamlessly.
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