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What is the difference between concertina walls and pop-up partitions?

If you have limited wall space on your current premises and have been looking for a way to efficiently and professionally change layout options in your work environment – beyond building a new wall from scratch – you’ve likely been looking at a number of partitions that are ideally suited to your needs

But a movable partition can come in many different shapes and sizes – from standard pop-up partitions that can be folded, unfolded and packed away as needed, to concertina folding partitions that blend seamlessly into your existing space.

If the latter has taken your eye, you may want to know a little more about concertina partitions – what are they, how do they work, and what advantages do they hold over the competition?

If you’re still on the fence between standard partitions and concertina walls, here are a few things you need to know, so you can choose your ideal solution.

What are concertina walls?

Concertina walls are a form of folding walls that quickly and easily create individual spaces out of larger spaces by placing a divide between the two.

Unlike sliding folding partitions – which consist of larger individual panels – concertina partitions take on a similar form as a sliding curtain which folds and ripples, allowing the user to simply pull it across a track as needed, and open it up again in just a few seconds to re-enlarge the space.

They’re relatively light, easy to install and are far more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than building a new wall from bricks and mortar – making them ideal for professional, eco-conscious spaces wanting an affordable yet slick-looking partition.

How are concertina walls and pop-up partitions different?

Concertina walls and pop-up partitions differ greatly in their design and applications. While pop-up partitions need to be brought out of a storage cupboard and “popped up” every time they’re needed, concertina partitions are pre-installed partitions that can easily glide between spaces in seconds. This makes them far more time-efficient and easier to use – ideal if you know you’ll need to divide spaces regularly.

The advantages of concertina walls

Elegant in appearance

While standard partitions can appear on the flimsier side, concertina partitions offer a partition experience that’s far easier on the eyes.

Taking the shape of smooth, malleable drapes, some concertina partitions wouldn’t look out of place being used to block out the rays from the sun against windows – though we’d recommend keeping them as partitions!

This presents a look and feel that’s both useful and elegant, without the need for building new walls, which can appear unnecessary and visually boring.

Sound reduction capabilities

They’re not soundproof, but concertina wall partitions do offer something in the way of sound reduction, if you’re in need of a little audible privacy.

For example, our Teachwall 800 concertina wall offers an acoustic rating of up to 35 decibels, meaning they’d be able to muffle conversational tones at reasonable indoor sound levels. Perfect if you’d prefer your conversations to not be heard by the masses without shutting everyone out entirely.

This is the exact opposite of what you’d experience with pop-up partitions, which offer absolutely nothing in the way of sound reduction and virtually nothing in the way of privacy beyond the patch of your eye line they obscure.

Ease of use

Much like curtains, pre-installed concertina walls can be opened and closed to your heart’s content with utter ease. With no resistance yet enough sturdiness to ensure they aren’t snagged and damaged, you can bet your concertina walls will remain easy to move for years to come.

Should you ever run into any issues with one of our concertina walls, simply reach out to AEG Partitions and one of our friendly, experienced staff members will be able to help.

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