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Dividing a room with Movable Walls

Transform your tiny space into something creative and practical today with AEG Partitions!

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of Acoustic Movable Walls which have been purpose-built to allow you to make the most of the space that you have available.

Deciding to divide your room is a bold move to make and not planning it in advance isn’t going to end promising! One advantage of the Movable Walls that we supply at AEG Partitions is that they offer a temporary solution for dividing the space in your room in a way that’s professional yet stylish.

If your building is used for many different functions, you may consider to divide up the room into smaller and manageable sections. Installing partitions will allow you to update the layout of your room to ensure that it suits your needs perfectly.

Utilise space

To make the most of the space within a room, we provide the Teachwall 100. Our Movable Walls are designed to be easy to operate, making it more convenient for you to open up areas and incorporate natural light (depending on the location and type of room).

We provide the Movable Walls to make the most of space but they can also be installed to provide a sense of privacy and confidentiality by dividing and delegating specific areas.

Add comfort

No matter how much space you have available, there’s no reason why you cannot create an environment that is comfortable to work and live in! The Acoustic Movable Walls are perfect if you’re looking to keep volumes to a minimum, essentially preventing the transfer of unwanted sounds.

One of the main benefits of the Acoustic Movable Walls is that they are designed to cushion excess volumes and have sound reduction properties, so be sure to choose one of the Acoustic Movable Walls that provides you with the appropriate level of sound insulation.

Add flexibility

Our Sliding Walls are great for apartments and other areas that have limited space available. The Teachwall 200 is guaranteed to create a certain Science-Fiction feel. Despite this, the Sliding Walls provide a real concept but are not as popular as they perhaps should be.

So, when it comes to adding flexibility and efficiency to your property, choose one of our Sliding Walls to create a space that is multifunctional.

Add Style

Installing Concertina Walls like the Teachwall 800 works wonders, whether it be in your home or your business. Unlike other partitions, the Concertina Walls allow you to put a quirky twist on things, making sure that you find walls that suit the current style of your room.

Dividing the room with Concertina Walls will enable you to control space through folding and unfolding but most importantly, they are a modern addition to make to any property, allowing you to complement your already modern room or to make a statement.

When dividing a room, you’re sure to benefit from the Movable Walls that we supply at AEG Partitions. If you need to know any more about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us on 03333050050 today!

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