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Do you need approval to install movable walls?

Movable walls, sliding partitions and concertina walls have quickly become popular choices for institutions and businesses that want to add an element of privacy and separation to a space and improve sound reduction, without closing a section off entirely. This is a great strategy to create bespoke meeting rooms without the hassle of needing to find somewhere else entirely.

But walls can be intricate things to install, with some consideration needed for the rules and permissions involved. In the case of movable walls, you may be asking yourself – ‘Do I need approval to install a movable wall?’

It’s a reasonable question, and the experts at AEG Partitions are here to help you answer it, so you can move forward in your movable wall project with clarity and confidence.

What are movable walls?

Before discussing the rules surrounding movable walls, we need to be crystal clear on precisely what a movable wall is, given there are plenty of different types out there.

In this example, a movable wall is a temporary wall (often made of multiple panels) that can be opened and closed at will to create a divide between two sections of a larger space. These walls can be built to have impressive acoustic performance, preventing sound from passing from one side to the other – ideal for more private conversations or to prevent sounds from disturbing a larger group.

Despite being referred to as ‘walls’ they’re not made of bricks and mortar. Instead, they’re often constructed with a composite material that’s still very durable but far more lightweight, adding to their versatility.

What approval is required to install movable walls?

This depends entirely on your circumstances. Or, more specifically, the circumstances of the building or business in which you wish to install your movable wall.

For example, some businesses own the building in which they would like to make the alterations. In this case, no special permissions should be needed.

On the other hand, businesses which rent their office space would likely need permission from the company or landlord in question. In these instances, it is always wise to have clear written consent from whoever is in charge of making such a decision, to avoid any potential backlash further down the line.

If you’re one of these businesses and you’re planning on installing a movable wall, or walls, get in touch with your landlord/building company and ask them their opinion on the matter. If they’re interested, supply them with as much information as you can about the movable wall and how it will be installed.

Thankfully, AEG Partitions can help with this. You can arrange a visit to your premises from one of our expert movable wall technicians, who will offer a detailed breakdown of everything involved, offering your landlord complete peace of mind.

One thing that is worth discussing though, is whether you’re planning on making further internal changes to your premises to accommodate your new movable wall, such as removing an existing wall.

In this case, it’s highly recommended you seek out the services of a qualified surveyor or building professional. This person will be able to advise you whether there would be any further issues in removing an existing wall, such as hidden wiring or piping, or whether or not the wall is load-bearing.

Speak to the AEG Partitions team today for all your moving wall needs

If you’re planning on installing a movable wall to break up your spaces and make them far more versatile, speak to AEG Partitions today.

As a leading UK manufacturer, not only can we advise on the usefulness of installing a heavy-duty and resilient acoustic movable wall in specific places, but we can also offer a quick and tidy installation process. On top of this, we also offer a top-class movable wall service plan, ensuring your new addition will be kept in excellent condition for years to come.

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