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How concertina walls are more time-efficient than building new walls

Concertina partition walls are an ideal solution to breathe a sense of life into office spaces, kitchens, educational buildings or any other area that needs dividing with versatile new spaces. But beyond their aesthetic appeal, concertina walls hold advantages over building new brick or plasterboard walls that make them a far more time-efficient and cost-effective solution, letting busy businesses and individuals get on with their important work.

Here are just a few reasons why concertina folding partitions are far more time-efficient than other wall alternatives.

Concertina partitions are quick to install by AEG Partitions

Depending on who you hire to do the job, building new walls in your place of work can take longer than you may think. You could hire someone who takes days, or even weeks to erect a new wall, especially if there are unexpected issues in the build quality or materials they’ve chosen.

But by partnering with AEG Partitions to fit concertina folding partitions, you’re guaranteed to receive an exceptional level of service, with professional movable partition fitters with years of experience, so you can be safe in the knowledge your concertina wall will be fitted quickly and properly.

If you’re wondering how long concertina walls take to fit, generally, all of our wall partitions can be fully fitted in under a day – this includes the time taken to bring the materials and tools into your chosen location.

Hiring someone reliable to build a wall can be tricky

Sourcing and hiring tradespeople is a nightmare these days, so if you’re not familiar with someone who can help you, you could be waiting a while. At the rate businesses and homeowners in major cities – and even quieter areas – are snapping up reliable workmen, you’d be lucky to find someone experienced and trustworthy enough to build your wall quickly and to the level of quality you expect.

However, at AEG Partitions, we’re always fast off the mark to help our customers transform their spaces with eye-popping, useful foldable concertina walls and other partitions, so you can start making the most of your space in a totally new way much faster.

Building new walls is a messy, dusty job

Depending on your situation, building a new wall might not be an appropriate move because of the mess and disruption caused. Bricks, mortar, plaster and plasterboard can all create messy, dusty work environments that take a lot of effort to keep on top of during the job, and even longer to clean up once the job is done.

But with concertina partition walls from AEG Partitions, our trained professionals are highly skilled and experienced in fitting your new folding walls without excessive mess, so you needn’t worry about them ruining your setup. Our folding walls are always cost-effective and tidy to install.

Creating versatile new workspaces saves teams time

Rather than building a new wall which permanently closes off members of your team from the rest of your work family, concertina walls offer a more adaptable, interesting solution. Simply pull the wall and you can turn an entire section of your workspace into a private meeting area and back again in the blink of an eye.

Concertina walls also save your team time from having to leave their main place of work and seek out a meeting room elsewhere. Imagine how much time they would save over the year from needlessly moving from one part of your building to the other, all while being able to create a more open space again in no time at all. They work great for sound reduction as well and have a suitable acoustic rating to block the sound of chatter, adding an extra level of privacy when you need it.

Concertina partitions for all environments at AEG Partitions

Whatever area of expertise you work in, if you have limited wall space and have been considering installing concertina partitions on your premises, you’ll find everything you need and more with AEG Partitions.

Our team are thoroughly experienced in moving walls, concertina partitions and building regulations – so you can be sure we’ll follow all the rules to a tee and deliver a product that’s fit for purpose.

For a free, no-obligation chat about your concertina partition needs, get in contact with us today.

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