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How movable walls will benefit your business in 2021

  1. Not a year many of us wish to repeat.

It’s been difficult for us all and, with the coronavirus continuing to take its toll on the country in the new year – almost a year on, the UK is enduring its third national lockdown.

Whilst everyone has been advised to work from home as much as possible, now is the ideal time to make sure that your business is COVID-safe for when we are finally allowed to start welcoming staff and customers back. One of the easiest – and most affordable – ways to do so is to invest in movable walls.

5 ways your business can benefit from movable walls:

  1. Better acoustics

What springs to mind when you think of the office? We’ll bet it’s the sound of the coffee machine, telephones ringing and colleagues chatting.

Schools are also noisy environments and, it’s a well-known fact that, noise levels in the classroom can influence a teacher’s ability to teach – not to mention the impact on student’s ability to hear, learn and think.

However, thanks to a combination of acoustic infills and operable top and bottom seals, acoustic movable walls offer up to 58dB noise reduction. These will instantly improve the acoustics within the room and, in turn, create a more productive workspace.

  1. Future expansion

Exactly as its name suggests, a movable partition wall is portable. You can easily open areas up, maximising space, or keep them closed to create separate rooms – perfect for business meetings and conferences.

Knocking down or building a wall is a huge – and disruptive – undertaking. Though only a temporary solution for dividing space, these partitions have excellent acoustic properties and are very easy to manipulate, meaning you can alter the layout of the room within seconds. Win-win.

  1. Improve the aesthetics

Aside from their superb functionality, movable walls come in an assortment of stylish finishes too and can enhance the look of your building whilst creating segregated areas.

Here at AEG Partitions, we provide a choice of eight colours, including classics such as white, cream, beige and grey – as well as an assortment of timber finishes. We even supply acoustic movable walls that operate on floor guides as well as sliding walls that are top-hung and glide effortlessly along overhead tracks.

All our products are manufactured in-house so, no matter which movable partition wall you require, you can relax knowing that it is made to your exact specification.

  1. Cost-efficiency

Time for a change? Whether you’re looking to divide the school hall into two multi-purpose areas for physical activities or splitting your open-plan office into smaller seminar rooms, you’ll find that having movable walls installed professionally will work just as well, but a whole lot cheaper than permanent wall structures.

These are remarkably flexible and allow you to make the most of available floor space. You can open or close them as often as you like – instantly changing the dynamics within the room. Plus they are budget-friendly, so are ideal if you’re working within a budget.

  1. Smart use of space

If you’ve only got limited space to work with, spreading everyone out to adhere to social distancing might not be an option. However, the beauty of movable walls is that they can be used almost anywhere and, when they aren’t in use, they can be stacked neatly at one side – out of the way – opening areas up.

How you choose to use your movable wall is entirely up to you. For example, on days where you have back to back meetings, you may wish to split the office up – keeping unwanted eyes and attention out. Alternatively, if you’re holding an open day at your school or college, having an acoustic movable partition will allow you to slide it open and create one large function room.

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