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How sliding walls will change your office environment for the better

Offices sometimes need a facelift for aesthetic or practical purposes. Or both.

Sliding walls are a great way to revamp your office and make it look like a whole new space while offering great advantages to improve the way your team works.

If you’re looking into sliding walls for your business, here are just a few amazing benefits you can expect with sliding walls from AEG Partitions.

Sliding walls let you increase or decrease space as you choose

If you’ve been considering separating a segment of your office to create a new meeting room or workspace, sliding walls offer a far more versatile solution than simple bricks and mortar.

Once your new sliding wall is in place, you’ll have the option to close off or open up your workspace as you see fit.

On the days you have meetings, close off the space for the perfect place to discuss important business.

Or, if your office space is running low and you have more people than expected working in the office, open up the space to give yourself more room without segregating members of your team to a different room.

Sliding walls offer better privacy

Some office conversations are best held behind closed doors. Or sliding walls.

A sliding wall allows you to create a temporary private space where you can discuss things you’d rather not share with the wider team, without the need to leave the office entirely.

Some colleagues also enjoy the idea of private spaces where they can focus on their work in peace. iOffice, a facility management software company, predicts most offices will consist of open-plan working and private “me” spaces as we head into the future.

At AEG Partitions, our Techwall 200 sliding wall has an acoustic rating of 35-52 decibels, meaning you can hold conversations with colleagues without others eavesdropping.

Speaking of noise…

You’ll have better control over noise with sliding walls

Some people work better in silence. But offices are rarely silent all the time.

If you’re worried some of your colleagues are becoming distracted by the noise in your office – whether that’s official work calls or impromptu chatter – sliding walls allow you to create a space where employees can work in silence, unaffected by the noises featured in the rest of the office.

Sliding walls offer a modern, stylish look

If your office feels outdated, you can hurl it into the 21st century with a stylish and attractive feature like a sliding wall.

The innovative appearance and practicality offered by sliding walls will make your office feel like a modern and up-to-date working environment, which will also be an appealing feature to any visitors or potential clients you invite over.

If you’re looking to impress and make your office stand out, sliding walls are a great way to do it.

Change your office for the better today with sliding walls from AEG Partitions

If sliding walls sound like they’d be a welcome addition to your office space, speak to AEG Partitions today.

Our experienced team will be happy to walk through the requirements and find the perfect sliding wall solution for you.

Call us on 0333 305 0050 or email us at sales@aegpartitions.com.

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