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How to improve your office in 2020

The office environment should motivate your workforce and maximise the potential for individual and collaborative engagement. So, if you’re reshaping or transforming your office in 2020, make sure you invest in the right furniture and equipment to allow your working environment to thrive.

Need some inspiration? No problem – AEG Partitions, the movable wall experts, are more than happy to help. Take a look at 5 simple ways you could improve your office space in 2020:

1. Go paperless

With the pressure on for efficiencies and environmental consideration, many offices have already decided to go paperless. Instead, using digital browser tools and apps to store information – be it appointments and meetings or innovative ideas and plans. Why not join them and reap the benefit of a clutter-free workspace, and help your business to go greener?

2. Split the room up

The office layout should be designed to accommodate the needs of staff – ensuring they have somewhere comfortable to work. In 2020, many businesses are choosing to redesign the office to create flexible areas for team working sessions, conference meetings or a breakroom where employees can go to relax. Splitting the room up – perhaps with a movable partition wall – is a great way to maximise available space and keep options open.

3. Update the furniture

Gone are the days of stuffy, outdated, office formality. The focus in 2020 is on adaptable, comfortable environments to bring out the best in your workforce.

Simple additions such as comfy seating in a breakout area, or movable walls to maximise team communication, can make the world of difference to the morale and happiness of your team. Could now be the time to replace your outdated furniture with something new and stylish?

4. Maximise concentration

Here at AEG, we are fully aware that no two offices are the same which is why you need to get the set up just right for your team.

An ideal place to start is by speaking to your staff. Do they like to work in silence or with music on in the background? Perhaps hot desking is worth considering, giving employees the freedom to sit wherever they like? Above all, be open to suggestions – not everyone works at their best under the same conditions.

5. Make it flexible

Although open-plan offices look set to remain popular in 2020, more and more businesses are choosing the flexibility of movable partitions as they enable them to keep their options open.

Our movable walls are great for creating smaller rooms – i.e. for private meetings or interviews – but can also be used for collaborative working. Thanks to their sound proofing qualities, our acoustic movable walls are an excellent choice for office environments and provide optimum conditions for staff. We supply them in different acoustic ratings, colours and finishes, so it’s easy to find your perfect match.

Find out more about our flexible movable walls by calling 0333 305 0050 or send an email to sales@aegpartitions.com.

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