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How to maintain your movable wall

If your office lacks privacy or employees are constantly being disturbed, meeting rooms or quiet spaces are a must.

Without somewhere to sit and think in peace, employees will never be as productive as they could be, or client calls will turn chaotic if your office sounds like a concert in the background.

But fixed meeting rooms create their own problems.

They take up a lot of space, aren’t flexible and force you to design the rest of your office around them.

This is where movable walls come in.

Movable walls allow you to install a temporary partition in any part of a room, instantly creating private, quiet spaces that can be removed just as quickly when you need a more open area.

Keep reading to find out how movable walls can be an affordable, flexible answer to your office layout problems.


A workspace to suit your business’ evolving needs

Offices require more privacy on some days than others, especially when the number of people in the office on a given day can vary depending on your hybrid work preferences.

This means having private meeting rooms can be beneficial on some days and not others.

Movable walls let you adapt your office to the needs of a particular day and adjust the layout to best suit what’s going on in the office at the time.

For example you may have days when there are fewer people in the office and fewer disturbances. So having a meeting room is unnecessary and can get in the way of the flow of your office.

On other days more desks might be occupied, so having quiet spaces can be a necessary relief.

Movable walls allow you to section off areas within your office to create these private areas.

On these busier days you might find noise levels tend to rise. This can cause your team to become distracted.

So, you’ll be happy to know movable walls come with the added bonus of soundproofing elements. Depending on the system you choose, you could reach sound insulation of up to 60 decibels – that’s the same level as a normal conversation.

On quieter days, you can open up your office, creating an open plan space without worrying about the noise levels getting too high.

More space for collaborative working

Sometimes working collaboratively is more productive than working independently. But in a traditional office, this can be difficult with rows upon rows of desks in one room. One slight thing can disrupt everyone.

You don’t want to be confined to a rigid office layout. You shouldn’t adapt your way of working because of your office layout, instead you be able to adapt your office layout to compliment your way of working.

We all know marketing teams, for example, can get a tad loud when they’re passionate about a new campaign idea.

So instead of allowing them to distract the rest of your team, section off one part of your office with a movable wall. This will allow the team to bounce their ideas off each other away from the rest of your employees.

It’s a win-win for everyone.


Functional meeting space

When choosing your office space, you often need to prioritise your requirements, choosing between an ideal location and a fully functional office space.

Often this means your space isn’t exactly how you would like it to be. Maybe you’ve got dead space in the form of meeting rooms that never get used, for example.

Even if you did use these meeting rooms when you first moved in years ago, with the new digital era, in-person meetings, even interviews, are becoming few and far between with Zoom reporting to host over 3.3trillion minutes’ worth of meetings every year.

So, maximise your space with movable walls.

Replacing these meeting room walls with movable walls, sliding walls for example, means you can open up the space, making your meeting space multi-functional.

The space can be used for meetings and interviews when required, but for the rest of the time they’re engulfed into your workspace, creating an open plan space.


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