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Ideas of Where to Place Sliding Walls

Here at AEG Partitions, we have a wide range of products that are suitable for an array of needs and requirements, feel free to browse our sliding walls today!

Whether you’re looking for a sliding wall or one of our concertina walls, we can help.

However, you may want to consider where you’ll install it?

Believe it or not, our concertina walls offer suitability for schools. Schools can benefit from AEG Partitions because we provide sliding walls that provide a sense of privacy and eliminate the likelihood of children becoming easily distracted. We provide a wide range of colours and finishes for all our sliding doors, so you needn’t worry about your wall offering a perfect blend with the rest of your school.

More specifically, sliding walls can be installed in classrooms to create a divide, splitting the classroom into sections that can be utilised for various activities, like a reading corner, a play area for instance or the more seriousness exam period. The fact that the doors can slide make it ideal during lesson time, the doors can be closed enabling children to concentrate. Installing a concertina wall makes it more convenient and enables you to make the area tidy and safe. Our concertina walls provide a professional finish to your classroom – it can be tailored to your specific needs and suit the style of the room.

If you’re looking to install one of AEG Partitions concertina walls, you may want to install it to your school dining hall, separating the kitchen from the seating area. Our concertina walls are particularly soundproof allowing there to be as little disruption as possible, so come dinner time when the cooks are preparing lunch, teachers needn’t worry about children diverting their attention to “what’s for lunch?”

The installation of an AEG Partitions Teachwall 200 sliding wall is undisruptive, our team of professionals have an abundance of expertise when it comes to installing doors, therefore, they ensure the process is quick and effective and doesn’t disturb teachers, children or other members of staff.

Perhaps you work within the industrial sector? We provide a range of sliding walls that allow you to make your working environment safe. AEG Partitions supply sliding doors to accommodate for commercial and industrial needs, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of customer service.

Our concertina walls are ideal for warehouses and factories. We understand that it’s extremely important to maintain a clean environment when working in a warehouse in order to prevent hazards from occurring. If you want to prevent the spread of contamination in the workplace, look no further. An advantage of our sliding walls is that you can maximise the space you have available by opening up the area, by sliding the door back. The wall is only temporary meaning that you have the opportunity to open and close it as often as you like.

An office could benefit from one of our concertina walls too. If you’re looking for privacy for meetings or conferences, consider AEG Partitions. Our concertina walls are ideal if you want to divide the office to accommodate for various departments. The installation of a sliding wall is different to an ordinary wall because you can maximise the space at any point, all you have to do is slide the wall to the side or fold it back!


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