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Why should you Install a Movable Wall?

You should install a movable wall if you’re looking to maximise the space you have available. AEG Partitions are specialists when it comes to acoustic wall partitions, offering a reliable service that is bound to meet your specific requirements.

We can save you money

As a result of the wall already having components installed, you only need one person to install the door. This makes it more affordable and convenient because there are fewer people required to carry out the job – therefore they take up less space in the workplace – causing less disturbance and you aren’t required to pay as many wages!

We provide as little disruption as possible

When installing your movable wall, we produce no dust, therefore generating less mess, allowing you to maintain your high standards within the office. At AEG Partitions, we are able to provide a quick service.

Ultimately this means that there is no downtime included, your movable wall will be installed with ease and it’ll be in operation the same day – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Environmental incentives

You’ll find that our acoustic wall partitions are sustainable. They are composed of recyclable components making them environmentally friendly. In addition to this, the installation of your partition doesn’t emit any fumes. The door will be designed to incorporate a colour scheme of your choice and blend in with the existing interior décor- we do this before we install it!

No matter what, we aim to meet all of your demands

We do this by providing a flexible service. If you are looking to install a movable wall to your office, we can take care of this. We are able to fit partitions that meet long term and temporary requirements- we are confident you won’t be disappointed.

Our flexibility allows us to meet your specific needs, we can maximise the space you have available and create an ideal space for encouraging collaborations.

Why a movable wall?

Often when you purchase a partition, it is for the purpose of providing a certain degree of privacy- removing the idea that you’re on display for everyone to see. Alternatively, at AEG Partitions recognise the need to remove the barriers to communication and social cohesion. Take advantage of our movable wall partitions, they provide you with a sense of security but allow you to move them- opening up your workspace!

To discuss ways in which you can customise your acoustic wall partition, we recommend you contact us today!

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