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Investing in movable wall systems at your school

Struggling to keep students engaged in noisy classrooms? What better way to tackle the problem than by investing in award-nominated acoustic movable wall systems from AEG Partitions?

Noise and disturbances in the classroom can lead to students missing keywords and phrases, and misunderstanding concepts – but movable walls can combat this. They are, great for controlling reverberations in the school environment – allowing students to concentrate and staff to teach.

Why do you need a movable wall?

Listening is key to learning. Our movable walls create an ideal learning environment. The fact that they are ‘movable’ allows schools to reconfigure rooms and section off space to enhance focus and learning.

Movable wall systems, like the Teachwall 100, are an excellent choice for areas with poor acoustics. Providing varying levels of sound insulation – between 37 and 58 decibels – the Teachwall 100 works well in all environments – be it the classroom, school hall or dining facilities. Each movable walls carries a different acoustic rating. Our  Teachwall 800 concertina walls are available in 3 ratings, including:

  • 15 decibels
  • 24 decibels
  • 35 decibels

As well as improving the acoustics at your school, movable walls are ideal for dividing and utilising floor space effectively.

Whichever movable partition wall you opt for, you can choose from a range of stylish finishes to complement the internal décor of your school. Choose from:

  • ash
  • beech
  • birch
  • cream
  • grey
  • maple
  • oak

When is the best time to install movable walls?

Our team of installers can fit movable wall systems within 1 day – meaning your school could be reaping the benefits in no time at all.

Such a quick turnaround means that there is minimal disruption to school life – but it’s even better if we can install your acoustic movable walls during the school holidays. This makes our installers’ job easier and completely eliminates any distractions and disruptions for your staff and students.

Why AEG Partitions?

The Teachwall 100 operates smoothly along ball-bearing trollies and tracks, whereas the Teachwall 200 wall panels are top-hung and hinged for easy operation but, no matter which movable partition wall you choose, our expert team will ensure that they are perfectly fitted, safe, and ready to use.

We pride ourselves on customer care and support and can guide and advise you in selecting the best movable partition wall for your educational establishment.

For expert advice, call us 03333050050, or email sales@aegpartitions.com. Our team is always on hand and will happily assist to maximise your investment in acoustic movable walls.

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