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Keep Your Movable Walls Moving with AEG’s Service and Repair Package

The technology behind our award-nominated movable wall and partition systems, means that it is very easy to operate. To ensure that the design continues to work effectively and efficiently, we offer a premium service and maintenance package. With over 40 years of experience, our structural engineers will keep your systems working smoothly. We live in a throwaway society, where the new-for-old ideology causes us to quickly discard quality items. Why not use our service which can save you money and prolong your movable wall system? The package that we offer is one of the most competitively priced in the industry.

Service and Maintenance

‘Prevention is better than cure,’ is a well-known saying. That is why we offer an excellent service and maintenance, preventive package, to suit your business needs. Our dedicated TWS division ensure that you protect your investment, avoid needless expensive repairs and replacements, and meet health and safety requirements.

Some of our movable walls and partitions can weigh up to 500kg per panel! This includes sophisticated mechanisms, heavy duty rollers and guides, and also tracking systems. A prearranged maintenance program, seeks to avoid system failures and accidents, saving money and ensuring a safe environment.

Our comprehensive package includes things such as, a full inspection of all tracking, fixtures, and internal mechanisms. In addition to carrying out inspections, we also clean your partitions, align and level panels, and train your staff to operate the system safely. Any mechanical parts required, are supplied at the manufacturer’s cost price.


As we originally design, manufacture and install your movable system, we are in the best position to repair it. We have our SO9001 accredited factory in Cheshire, which is the key to our excellent repair service. We offer on-site and off-site welding and a powder coating service, that can transform your aged or damaged tracks, into a new condition.

Our reputation for excellence, has given us massive contracts for several main suppliers and manufacturers, within the industry. Why not read about the details of our premium package on our website?


We fully appreciate that your business needs are fluid and changeable. Do you want to upgrade your interior design, or modify your colour scheme? The market is always changing and you may feel the need to convey a different image. Our refurbishment scheme allows you to transform your company, using existing sliding partitions and movable walls. This gives you the versatility to replace surfaces and finishes, powder coat spoiled or scratched profiles, and replace rollers and trollies.


Our movable walls and sliding partitions have a fantastic life-span, but nothing lasts forever. At what point does a repair not make financial sense? This is where our expertise is invaluable. It might be more cost-effective to replace your wall or partition. We can offer substantial discounts, as an expression of our loyalty to our customers. Why not take advantage of our structural engineers and acoustic consultants’ 40 years of experience?

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