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Miraculous Moving Partition Walls Create More Space

How could your business benefit from moving partition walls? The need for more space has never been greater and the costs of moving business premises can be extremely expensive. Moving partition walls are a perfect way to increase space and separate work areas effectively at the same time. AEG Partitions are specialist manufacturers of movable walls, sliding folding and concertina partitions and we can provide a solution for all your business requirements. What can we offer you and how versatile are our products?

For Different Applications

Who could benefit from our moving partition walls? There are more applications than you could ever imagine. Do you work in an office? You may want to divide up areas according to department or use any floor space more effectively. Moving partition walls are excellent for accomplishing these purposes. What about conference rooms? You may wish to section off separate areas to create a suitable space for training and so on. What about schools, hotels, hospitals, etc.? In short, if you would like to create additional spaces within your existing building, moving partition walls could be just what you need.

High Quality Products

All our products are of very high-quality. We have moving partition walls for different budgets. The Teachwall 800 Folding Concertina Wall is an attractive partition that is easy to open and close. It is our most affordable option to maximise any floor space and has an acoustic rating of 15, 24 or 35 decibels to suit you. The Teachwall 200 Sliding Wall is manufactured from solid material. It has a stunning appearance and an increased acoustic rating of 35 to 52 decibels. It comes in a range of finishes for you to choose from. What about the Teachwall 100 Movable Acoustic Wall? This product has the highest acoustic specifications within the range and offers an outstanding level of sound installation of 37 to 58 decibels. It has a robust, durable design and is constructed using some of the highest quality materials available.

Premier Manufactures

There is another good reason to come to us. We are not just suppliers of moving partition walls – we are premier manufacturers. How does this benefit you? You can get exactly what you want, as we can provide designs to meet virtually any business need. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to suit you and our work with architects and contractors guarantees a smooth overall service. This gives you a lot more flexibility, which is good for you and your company. When you come to us, you can have the confidence that we will see your project through to its completion. Movable partition walls are here to stay and you can do no better than to come to us as specialists in this industry.

Would you like to receive additional information about our movable walls? You can contact us today on 03333050050 , or why not fill in our online enquiry form now? We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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