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Modernise your business with Acoustic Partitions

If given the opportunity to update your office, without a doubt you would, wouldn’t you?

With the help of AEG Partitions, there is no time like the present. Society has already changed remarkably, and there’s nothing to say that it won’t continue modernising!

At AEG Partitions, we have developed a range of acoustic wall partitions which are perfect for increasing productivity within the workplace. Are you looking for a method that encourages your employees to concentrate, without distractions from the other side of the room? Well, you could benefit from our sliding wall partitions, they’re idyllic if you want to provide privacy but also enable you to make the office look more spacious by sliding the wall open!

But how can AEG Partitions be used to make a room modern?

Create space

Whether you work in an office or school, we can help you to maximise the space you have in an efficient manner. Not only can our movable walls combine more than one area- they can provide fewer barriers to communication. Arguably, the office needs to have a sense of privacy in order to concentrate, however, nobody wants to feel cooped up in the workplace, we suggest you make the most of what you have; opening up the classroom or office to socialise more, when suitable!


You needn’t mention the fact that we all need to tighten our expenditure belts, at AEG Partitions, we are fully aware of this, hence why we offer an honest and reliable service! Acoustic wall partitions are particularly effective if you want to use natural resources, such as light. Depending on the material used for the partition, natural light could be emitted from the wall – heating the room naturally. This not only generates a brighter workspace, it encourages you to turn off your central heating – you could save a fortune on your electricity  and gas bills each year with our Movable Wall (Teachwall 100)!

Moving with the times

Your office may have only recently been decorated and you’re already looking to make some changes because it’s “old-fashioned”. These things happen, trends are forming so quickly, it’s almost impossible to keep up. At AEG Partitions, we can meet your specific demands for having an office that displays modern value. Our sliding wall partitions have been known to create a contemporary look and feel to any style/size of room – we want to deliver a sense of positivity to your workplace, and the fact that our walls are retractable makes it convenient!

Personal preferences

When it comes to acoustic wall partitions, you can trust us at AEG Partitions. We guarantee our sliding walls offer functionality as well as privacy. The whole purpose of them being installed is to eliminate sound pollution, keeping volumes to a minimum. The sliding walls have been designed to incorporate an acoustic rating of up to 52 Decibels – providing you with some peace and quiet. Alternatively, our movable wall can offer protection for an extra 6 Decibels meaning that you can concentrate more.

Things to consider: Single glazed or double glazed? 1 partition or 2? Fire resistance?

Speak to our team of professionals for peace of mind!

Added style

If you want the opportunity to customise your acoustic wall partition, you can count on AEG Partitions. You can choose between a range of colours, drawings and finishes – taking into consideration the interior décor of the rest of your office! We have the knowledge and expertise to improve the aesthetics of your workplace, we tailor it to your specific needs and requirements!

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