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What are movable walls and how can you benefit?

Movable walls are adaptable and can easily be reconfigured to allow you to keep up with the demands of your office space.

Here at AEG Partitions, we have a fantastic range of movable walls which are the practical and economical choice of companies looking for functional office partitions. Offering a cost-effective solution for utilising space, our movable walls can be tailored to suit your unique requirements – guaranteeing a perfect fit.

Where can they be used?

Movable walls from AEG Partitions can be designed to meet your unique requirements – here are just a few examples of where they can be installed:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Churches
  • Public buildings

We supply partitions to maintain privacy and confidentiality in any environment. They are great for dividing rooms and maximising space whilst also being easy to install and maintain.

What types of movable walls are there?

With so many different partitions to choose from, selecting the right one is not always easy. We can help you to determine whether you need a movable wall that slides, folds or one that provides acoustic properties.

One of the movable walls available to purchase from AEG Partitions is the Teachwall 100. This is an acoustic movable wall which has been specifically designed to keep noise volumes to a minimum.

Sliding walls, like the Teachwall 200, are a great investment. The Teachwall 200 is top hung and hinged for easy operation and it provides you with a temporary solution for organising space.

If you’re looking for partitions that are minimally obtrusive – why not consider the Teachwall 800? These concertina walls are incredibly lightweight which makes them particularly easy to install.

How can they create space?

When it comes to utilising the space that you have available, concertina walls are an ideal investment. Easy to configure, they run along ball-bearing tracks to make it simple for you to open up and close spaces, folding away neatly at one end when not in use

How can you prolong the life of movable walls?

We make sure that all our partitions are built to be robust and withstand impacts. To prolong the life expectancy of products we offer maintenance and servicing, which includes:

  • Inspection and adjustment of mechanisms
  • Inspection cleaning of tracks
  • Panel levelling
  • Tighten attachments
  • Ensure proper function
  • Demonstrate correct operation (if required)

What are the benefits?

Keeping noise disruption to a minimum is made easy with acoustic movable walls. They limit the transmission of unwanted sounds – creating a productive working environment for everyone.

They also save you the hassle and permanence of constructing a new wall, providing a practical and flexible alternative that can even enhance the appearance of your office.

At AEG Partitions, we are confident that we won’t be beaten on price. Call us today on 0333 305 0050 to find out how our movable walls can help you to maximise your space.

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