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Movable Walls For The Restaurant Industry

What is it that makes an acoustic movable wall so desirable? AEG Partitions movable walls are easy to install and utilise the space you have available.

Easy installation.

Our sliding wall partitions can be installed within a single day, this makes it ideal for restaurants because there is no downtime needed. If you’re looking to create a top-quality finish to your restaurant, partitioning certain areas, or providing private sections for VIP bookings, then look no further than AEG Partitions.

Providing comfort.

When it comes to creating a cosy impression, nothing says so like an acoustic movable wall. The Teachwall 100 is an acoustic movable wall that we supply in order to make customers feel comfortable, rather than feeling exposed and on show for everyone in the restaurant, a movable wall can provide you with a degree of privacy. Likewise, if you’ve made a reservation at one of the most luxurious restaurants, you may be about to pop the question, you don’t want the restaurant noise to divert your partner’s attention.

Keep volumes to a minimum.

It goes without saying that a restaurant can become rowdy environment, especially during peak times. So, if you’re looking to create areas of peace and quiet, within your restaurant then a movable wall is the perfect solution. AEG Partitions acoustic movable wall is a high-quality product and can cushion sound up to 58 Decibels. Our movable walls are created to include sound insulation, so you can rest assured that your customers will be able to hear themselves during the lunchtime rush!

Open or close.

A sliding wall partition from AEG Partitions is perfect for any restaurant. Not only does a sliding wall separate areas within the restaurant, it can dedicate seating areas for large parties or VIP groups, providing extra privacy. With this in mind, a sliding wall can be slid across to divide the room without having to make any permanent construction changes… giving you the opportunity to slide the wall back and open up your space easily. You can even use a sliding wall partition as an illusion, to make your restaurant look bigger.

Add finishing touches.

An acoustic movable wall goes a long way. You can enhance the appearance of your restaurant by installing a movable or sliding wall, and what’s more is that it doesn’t take too long! A sliding door makes no compromise to the quality of your restaurant, it can even make it more presentable and welcoming for customers. AEG Partitions sliding walls are top quality and extremely versatile, being easily adapted to any room size and shape.

Smooth operation.

Our acoustic movable wall and sliding wall partitions run along their tracks smoothly. So, if you’re looking to divide your restaurant, our experts at AEG Partitions are more than happy to discuss your options and fit the wall for you to ensure it’s installed correctly and efficiently.

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