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Movable Walls In Schools

Who would’ve thought that the simple installation of a movable partition wall could be so convenient?

AEG Partitions provide a complete range of acoustic movable walls that suit the unique needs and demands of various governing bodies that oversee school expenditure. And with the use of movable wall partition there are numerous ways in which schools can benefit:

Ease of application.

Teachwall 800 is a concertina movable partition that can be tailored to suit the needs of any school, whether it’s pre-school, primary school or secondary. The Teachwall 800 is easy to open and close, providing you with a temporary solution for creating an environment that enables students to concentrate – free from any distractions. In addition to this, the Teachwall 800 acoustic movable walls are easy to maintain once they have been installed, they can be wiped clean to maintain a professional finish.


Choosing a movable partition wall has never been easier. AEG Partitions enable you to create space and freedom without breaking the bank! Our extensive range of movable wall systems is affordable, ultimately providing you with outstanding value for money. Not only are these a favourable option for teachers, they are superlative for encouraging children to communicate with confidence.

High quality.

AEG Partitions provide movable wall systems that offer the highest quality. These are made to enhance the aesthetics of the school, making it more practical and stylish, keeping quality and safety in mind. The Teachwall 100 is an ideal option for schools – it offers exceptional acoustic performance and suits the needs and demands of any environment.


The acoustic movable walls are especially sophisticated, you can make your school more decorative and stylish, without compromising children’s needs to learn, by installing one of the movable partitions we have here at AEG Partition’s. Whether it be for a public meeting, private meeting or assembly, the movable doors are an ideal addition to your school, enabling you to make the most of the space you have available and making it more appealing for both students and staff.


In terms of separating more than one area within a school, it can be difficult to do so where there is limited space available. If this is the case, why not consider installing one of AEG’s movable wall systems? A movable wall is a temporary feature that provides you with convenience, allowing you to separate areas within the school, prefect for activities where the class needs splitting up or during exam periods – but these spaces can also be opened back up again to create areas that encourages social cohesion.


The Teachwall 200 or the sliding walls we supply offer a perfect fit for any location, including schools. The products we provide are perfect for alleviating sound and outfitting creativity with flexibility. The acoustic movable walls are adaptable to any environment, AEG will make sure that your movable wall fits in with the interior décor of your school.

Not only can one of our acoustic movable walls suit your needs for dividing space, you can prevent the transfer of sound across the school!

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