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Movable Walls Are Here to Stay

The movable wall has become more and more popular during recent times. For a variety of different purposes, this simple mechanism has helped many companies to create temporary small rooms out of a large space, which can be highly efficient in separating large groups of people into smaller ones or if temporary spaces are needed for meetings etc.
Acoustic movable walls can cope with strenuous demands from a variety of different purposes such as corporate facilities, sports halls and classrooms, which means that their durable structure ensures these can be used for an extended period. These structures work by running across tracks by using ball-bearing trollies, this makes sure that the movable wall can be put into use quickly and safely without any real risk to surrounding objects or people. They can make mutli-purpose truly multi-purpose by potentially dividing the room into sections in order to separate one activity from another.
These movable walls can be made out of a range of materials such as wood and plastic for more decorative options or glass, which allows for more natural light however may not be the best idea in a school environment! There are multiple designs available in order for the movable wall you require will comply with the design of your room.
The full customisation of these walls doesn’t stop there, as you can request for any drawing or colour finish you may desire. This adds to the flexibility of the walls which ensures that they can fit in any room, even with sloping ceilings. This is strengthened by the fact that these can reach higher than 15 metres tall which again shows the versatility of the product.
If the use of these movable walls are for more government buildings, then several tests can be made in order to rate the acoustic performance walls. These can go up to as far as 58 decibels in order to ensure that important meetings are properly closed off and confidential, as is their intended purpose.
The quick assemble of these movable walls can be evidenced as AEG Partitions regularly meet tight deadlines such as 2 weeks and even in some cases 1 day! This is due to the convenience of the product along with their specialist team which, with their experience, can complete an installation in no time.
However, even though one of the purposes of the movable wall is to create extra rooms and to make efficient use of the space provided, this can also be used in the opposite way. If ever you need to make a bigger room from smaller ones, these walls can be simply removed or grouped together in order to eliminate this wall. This could be good for if a meeting or announcement at work is needed, then this wall can be removed in order to get the attention of the whole room at once.

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