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Movable Walls in University

Needless to say, lectures are hard work at the best of the times but trying to keep students engaged and focused has proven to be quite something. Students will be students, they’ll party into the early hours and rock up to 9am lectures looking nothing less than worse for wear, but how can you capture their attention?

Install movable walls.

The idea of installing a movable partition wall may sound ludicrous but here at AEG Partitions, we are proud to announce that our acoustic movable walls have proven to be a success once installed to universities.

Here’s why:

Make it exciting.

Universities can install our movable walls to make things a little more interesting. Rather than a plain old boring classroom, our movable walls make a stylish addition to any sized room. Creating an environment that’s user-friendly will instantly make lectures more exciting!

Avoid distractions.

The Teachwall 100 is an example of just one of our movable partition walls. It’s not impacted by any excess volumes because it has sound insulation of up to 58 Decibels and can boost the concentration of students, ensuring that lecturers get their points across successfully.

Make a statement.

AEG Partitions acoustic movable walls are all about adding character. They can truly set your university apart from others, making it stylish and modern. The environment plays a huge part in motivating students, you should consider making the environment bright and welcoming, using natural light.

If you’re looking to maximise natural light, the Teachwall 100 is ideal because it can be moved- making the room visually and naturally brighter!

Facilitate events.

What can you expect from a movable partition wall in a university? Service will resume as usual only you’ll have greater opportunity to communicate socially and discreetly. The main advantage of the movable walls is that they can be slid open or closed for events, whether it be a presentation, exam or conference. AEG Partitions have an ideal solution, waiting for you!

Spend wisely.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that acoustic movable walls are expensive… think of it as an investment, a clever investment! AEG Partitions supply only the highest quality of products and can customise the movable walls to suit university requirements specifically.

A sensible decision would be to have movable acoustic walls serviced and maintained annually to make sure it performs to the best of its ability- this will also enable you to save money on costly repairs and replacements!

Make it safe.

When it comes to privacy and confidentiality, you can count on AEG Partitions to install movable walls that have acoustic properties that keep volumes to a minimum. What’s more, they act as a temporary wall meaning that the area can be opened up for socialisation or to maximise space.

Would you choose to install one of our movable walls if it compromised your safety? Probably not, hence why all our products are manufactured to comply with legislations regarding health and safety.

For peace of mind, our team of experts are always on hand to provide you with any support that you need or to answer any of your questions!

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