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Save Office Space With Movable Walls and Office Partitions

Here at AEG Partitions, we have a wide range of movable walls that are manufactured to offer the highest quality possible. They are a cost-efficient solution for saving space inside the office.

Our movable walls include the Teachwall 100. This is a high-quality acoustic movable wall which is suitable for any sized office. With the Teachwall 100, you have the opportunity to keep your volumes to a minimum and retain a sense of privacy, however, the advantage of these is that they can be opened up to provide a larger space in the office.

Time for an upgrade?

When it comes to upgrading the office, you need to think about how you can save space. Do you have to update the office to cater for a larger workforce due to your business growing rapidly? If this is the case, AEG Partitions can help you to maximise the space within your office by installing movable walls.

Reshaping your office.

Who would have thought that folding partitions could make such influential changes to your office? AEG Partitions are proud suppliers of the movable walls and make light work of updating the office. Installing one of our movable walls is simple, they run smoothly on tracks, suiting the style and shape of any room. They have an extra dimension to offer so why not find out how you could benefit from the installation of one of our folding partitions? Simply call 03333050050  today!

Providing extra space.

The folding walls we have in stock at AEG Partitions are designed to make your office more stylish and modern but most importantly, they are perfect for creating space for new staff members and dividing the office to make it more practical and organised. Any office that is lacking space should consider the installation of one of our folding partitions!

Spur of the moment.

Recruiting new employees can be something that is sprung upon you at short notice. Do you have sufficient space to carry out interviews? If your office doesn’t have space in abundance, you may consider installing one of the folding walls from AEG Partitions to a corner within your office.

The simple addition of an acoustic partition makes an ideal solution for interviewing candidates in an appropriate environment, where background noise is low.

Our sliding walls include the Teachwall 200 which has been designed to suit the requirements of various industries. The process of installation is ideal; it can be installed within 24-hours and provides minimal disruption.

Making it more convenient.

Limited space in the office needn’t be a problem. We have installed movable walls to an array of businesses in the past, making sure that offices are up to date and practical. The folding partitions are manufactured to offer flexibility and extra security; however, we can adapt these to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that they fit perfectly.

With our folding walls, you can easily open and close them, to either divide rooms or merge them together! The fact that the partitions are movable makes them extremely convenient for a wide range of business and offer suitability for an array of needs and requirements, they’re guaranteed to save space in your office!


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