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What’s the science behind acoustic movable walls?

Standard walls and separate rooms are great for some much-needed seclusion in almost any private, public or professional setting. But they’re not always the best choice, depending on the needs of those nearby.

That’s why acoustic movable walls and acoustic panels always prove to be a breath of fresh air when compared to erecting new brick-and-mortar walls from scratch. They’re highly versatile (and affordable) operable walls to add a little bit of privacy when needed, without closing off an area entirely, aiding space management. 

But what’s the science behind these temporary walls and what benefits does it offer those who opt for them? Let’s take a closer look…

What is an acoustic movable wall?

Movable walls are exactly what they sound like – walls (usually made of sliding, folding partitions, but not always) that can be easily shifted into place to separate two areas almost instantly, and moved back at a moment’s notice to open the space up again.

Acoustic movable walls with impressive acoustic performance are such walls that can repel a certain level of sound, creating somewhat of a sound barrier between the two spaces. They’re not totally soundproof, but connecting the individual panels is perfect if you want to create a sense of privacy without the need to head to a completely different area, depending on the layout of the building you’re in.

Reliable, easy to maintain and infinitely versatile, our acoustic movable wall system is a flexible solution and has been put to good use in schools, offices, hospitals and other such environments up and down the country.

How do acoustic movable walls work?

Traditional walls do a pretty good job at preventing sound from passing through, because of the dense nature of bricks and mortar. Thinner, less robust walls in professional institutions don’t always enjoy the same benefit.

However, acoustic movable walls provide a surprisingly effective level of sound deflection, keeping the noise down for the benefit of parties on either side.

Sound is made up of ‘waves’ and when these waves reach a surface, they usually bounce back off, with the potential for some of the waves to pass through – this is how we hear noises between rooms. Acoustic movable walls, while relatively thin, are made with a multi-layered design that helps absorb sound waves or reflect them, letting through as little sound as possible.

Our Teachwall 100 acoustic movable walls boast sound insulation ranging from 37-60db, helping to keep the noise at a reasonable level while also offering the freedom to open and close segments as needed.

This way, classrooms can be separated and re-connected in the blink of an eye with both groups enjoying relative peace. Hospital wards can be segmented on a patient-by-patient basis and opened up again when the situation suits, with a good level of privacy for all involved. Or they can be used in a whole host of other environments and situations – it’s really up to the user and their needs.

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