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Selecting the right movable wall

Partitions are great for dividing rooms and creating comfortable, working environments, but how do you know which one to choose? Here at AEG Partitions, we specialise in movable, folding and sliding partitions, providing competitive prices and turnkey delivery.

Our movable partitions offer a temporary, flexible alternative to building a new wall or knocking one down – making them convenient and far less disruptive.

Installing movable walls, like the ones we provide, will have a significant impact on the efficiency of your building. They can enhance the appearance of the room whilst also improving the acoustics.


AEG Partitions are leading manufacturers of acoustic movable walls and these are great for providing a sense of privacy and allowing your workforce to concentrate. Many directors and office managers choose movable walls to increase staff productivity and to divide the office into smaller more focused departments. Staff can easily confer with colleagues, without being distracted by anything else that’s going on in the office.

Our acoustic movable walls are designed to satisfy the most stringent demands, providing an economical solution for minimising sound. The Teachwall 100 is an obvious choice if you’re to improve the acoustic performance of your room as they offer sound insulation for 37-58 decibels.

The walls run smoothly along tracks, using ball bearing trollies to guide them in the right direction. They can fit to heights of more than 15m and operate using a scissor-jack mechanism to guarantee stability.

If you would prefer panels that are top-hung, sliding walls – like the Teachwall 200 – are perfect as they don’t require tracks at the bottom. Locked in position securely with espagnolette bolts, the Teachwall 200 is one of our quickest and easiest products to install. To minimise the transfer of sound further, we use panels that have an acoustic rating of 45-50 decibels and add continuous contact seals which provide a complete seal to prevent sound escaping.

All sliding walls have an aluminium frame and are supplied in an impact-resistant laminate finish – providing a professional look and feel, no matter where they’re installed.

At AEG, we are proud to design and install partitions to suit every need, and included in our range are concertina walls – particularly good for environments with limited wall space.

A folding partition, like the Teachwall 800, has the acoustic rating of 15, 24 or 35 decibels and operates differently to the other partitions we supply. To operate concertina walls, you simply pull to extend and push to park.

The Teachwall 800 is quick to deploy as it can be top-hung and ensures minimal construction work.

For further guidance on which of our partitions is right for you get in touch with the AEG experts today. We will be more than willing to help and advise so be sure to call 03333050050 or email us at sales@aegpartitions.com.

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