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Do sliding walls and movable wall systems boost learning efforts in educational institutions?

It’s becoming more and more common to find sliding walls and foldable partitions being put to good use in areas where inventive collaboration and privacy are both valued – including office spaces. But educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities can all benefit from movable walls in a similar way.

At AEG Partitions, we’re experts in movable wall systems and sliding folding partitions, and have installed many movable wall systems for our happy customers over the years. If you’re interested in investing in sliding partition walls for your business or educational institution, reach out to one of our experts for a free quote today.


What are sliding partitions and movable wall systems?

Sliding walls are installed in place of traditional walls made of bricks and mortar, allowing the user to utilise the space creatively and create a more open feel. Most movable wall systems are made of individual folding wall partitions, hoisted by a floor track or top track. These movable wall partitions can turn inwards and outwards on a continuously hinged system, to create a temporary wall.

While their obvious use is to simply create new space solutions, they often serve more than one function. For example, acoustic movable walls feature acoustic installation, which can dampen the sound passing from one side of the wall to the other – ideal if you need a degree of privacy but don’t want to shut one side of the room out entirely.

They offer advantages in countless applications, but specifically in an educational context.

How sliding walls can bring learners together more effectively

1 – Quickly divide groups and bring them together again

In classroom environments, many teachers opt to use clever games and group activities as part of the learning process. Making learning more fun for young students has shown to be more effective in helping them retain information long-term.

This often involves splitting a class of students into two separate groups, pitting them against each other. It doesn’t always go to plan, though, with one group siphoning information from the other due to a lack of privacy or control. 

But with a sliding wall, the students could be temporarily divided without needing to head off to separate rooms to complete their tasks, before being brought back together again in the blink of an eye.

2 – Create private spaces for groups & individuals to study

We all learn differently, and it could be the case that several students in a class prefer to work in silence (or as close to silence as possible) while others in the class want to openly converse with their fellow classmates. This doesn’t bode well for all involved, as one side of the argument will surely suffer.

But with sliding walls, a room can easily be divided quickly, offering those who prefer silence and those who prefer open discussion their own space to learn according to their needs, without potentially being hauled off to a different room on the other side of the school or campus, wasting valuable learning time.

3 – Allow educators to individualise their teaching

One-on-one learning can be a godsend for students struggling to pick up new information at the same rate as their peers, but the classroom environment doesn’t always offer the chance for educators to do so.

But by installing sliding wall partitions, teachers can create a private space in which one-on-one learning can be embraced, either between the teacher and a student, or two students who are intent on helping each other bring out the best in them both.

Contact AEG Partitions for all your moveable wall system needs

If you want to use your educational space creatively for the benefit of yourself and your students, consider dividing rooms with higher specification movable walls from AEG Partitions. As a movable wall specialist, we are ideally trained and experienced to deliver the best products possible and in creating space solutions to meet your needs, while following all building regulations and safety requirements.

Get in touch with an AEG expert today to find out more.


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