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A Superb Selection of Sliding Walls for Your Business

What is it about sliding walls that makes them so popular with different businesses today? Everywhere you look, companies are installing sliding walls due to their incredible versatility.  You only have to look at businesses such as hospitals, retail companies, offices, churches, schools, public buildings and others to see how widespread they are. AEG Partitions are industry experts and we have an enviable range of sliding walls that could benefit your company. Why are they so useful?

More Productive Space  

There are innumerable reasons why sliding walls are in wide use today. One of the most important factors is that these flexible designs can make any space more productive. Would your business benefit from dividing up floor space more effectively? Rather than conclude that your existing premises are inadequate, our sliding walls can provide a quick, cost-effective solution. Why relocate your company if you don’t have to? You decide how you want to reconfigure your floor space and we can do the rest. This is especially useful when you need to maximise open spaces that are not being used efficiently, if at all.

Quick Installation Process

We all know how important time is to your business and you cannot afford lengthy, time-consuming disruptions. How long does it take to fit one of our sliding wall systems? Of course, it depends on several factors such as accessibility, the size of your order and other considerations. In normal circumstances, we aim to install it within one day. This saves you time and avoids needlessly disturbing your business. What if you need us to work out-of-hours? We are happy to work weekends and evenings to suit you. This outstanding service is another reason for you to come to us.

Super Choice of Sliding Walls

What types of sliding walls can we offer you? We aim to create and manufacture something for every budget. Out premier product is the Teachwall 100 Acoustic Movable Wall, which has an incredible acoustic rating of 37-58 decibels. This represents an amazing level of soundproofing. The high-quality materials guarantee an unbeatable performance and is designed to last. The Teachwall 200 Sliding Wall has an acoustic rating of 35-52 decibels which is also impressive. The Teachwall 800 Folding Concertina Wall is our most cost-effective choice. Although it is made from beautiful folding fabric, it still has an acoustic rating of 15, 24 and 35 decibels, depending on the specification you choose.

Durable Long-Lasting Design

Our sliding walls come with an automatic one year guarantee, however, we are confident that they will last much longer than this period. They are all quality built and have a durable long-lasting design. Our client list includes British Nuclear Fuels Ltd and Shell UK, in addition to many offices, schools, hospitals and so on. You can be sure that whatever design you select, it will meet your company requirements.

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