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The best way to maintain your movable walls

So, you’ve opted for acoustic movable walls for your office? First off, let us congratulate you on an excellent choice. Movable walls are great for dividing rooms into smaller spaces – creating optimum conditions for meetings, interviews or splitting staff into separate departments. But what happens when something goes wrong?

The AEG Partitions team can come out a fix a problem, but prevention is often better than cure. The best way to avoid the inconvenience of something going wrong is to put routine maintenance in place. Arranging regular service and maintenance visits will help maximise the life of your movable walls, and save you the expense of repairs or replacements.

Service and maintenance at AEG Partitions

Here at AEG Partitions, we have a dedicated service and maintenance division, offering yearly inspections to make light work of keeping your movable partition wall in safe working order. Planned  maintenance of movable walls will ensure the longevity of your products and help to keep your costs to a minimum.

All our experienced engineers are fully qualified to identify faults and restore movable partitions in next to no time. Whether your movable partition wall appears worn or scuffed or panels are starting to snag and jam, our maintenance team will make sure that the problem is rectified – quickly and professionally – eliminating the risk of the same issue reoccurring or further damage.

The benefits?

As an employer, you are responsible for making sure that all equipment is inspected at suitable intervals. Any circumstances that could potentially jeopardise safety must be detected and remedied in good time. Having your movable wall systems serviced and maintained annually by  AEG will allow your business to comply with the legal Health and Safety requirements.

It will also help to:

  • extend the lifespan of equipment – making your investment worthwhile
  • avoid possible expensive repairs and replacements for damaged systems
  • keep your movable wall looking great
  • ensure you meet health and safety standards

Here at AEG Partitions, we schedule inspections around what works best for you. We’ll come out to your premises at a convenient time – ready to service (and repair if needed) your movable walls.

Following this, we will conduct a thorough acoustic assessment to ensure your acoustic movable walls are performing as they should be. We’ll also take this opportunity to spot poorly working peripheral seals or damage that could be affecting the acoustic integrity of your system. Then, drawing on our 40 years’ experience, we will do everything we can to get it back up to scratch – ensuring current regulations are met (and often exceeded!).

Once we’ve completed the inspection, you will receive a detailed service and maintenance report to keep on file for insurance purposes.

Need to know more about maintaining acoustic movable walls? No problem – the team is always on hand to help and will be more than happy to answer your questions. Call 0151 318 3358 for service and maintenance, or 0333 305 0050 for any other enquiries. Alternatively, drop us an email at sales@aegpartitions.com and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

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