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Transform Your Building by Installing Our Movable Acoustic Walls

Would you like to transform and maximise your business space? Premium properties are expensive to buy, due to factors such as high-priced material costs and labour charges. Our movable acoustic walls can give you exactly what you need – in your existing building. Why not utilise your current space by installing a movable wall from our extensive, quality range? Not only can this approach save you time and money, you can create multiple areas, thereby transforming your property into a more usable space.

Transform Your School

Many schools were purpose built for the particular era that they were constructed in. Do you have any floor place that is not being used economically? Maybe you have a large hall that could benefit from having two or more smaller rooms. We have different ranges that include a Concertina Wall, a Sliding Wall and a Movable Wall in different colour finishes. All of our ranges totally transform your building, making it more appealing and much more useable. Why not check out our case studies section on the website, which features successful school projects?

Adapt and Maximise Your Office Space

Office buildings are often situated in expensive urban locations. Moving to a larger premise might not be the most cost effective option. Your business might be expanding more quickly than you had realised. Or it could be that you need more privacy in your existing building. Maybe you need to separate areas of your company, to create a more efficient and productive environment. Our movable acoustic walls are an excellent way to make your space flexible and adaptable. The Teachwall 100, 200 and 800 range have exceptional sound insulation properties – they have an acoustic rating from 15-58 decibels! These are manufactured in a variety of different materials, colours and finishes.

Hospitals and Retail Utilise Movable Walls

Movable acoustic walls can be used for many operations within a hospital environment. One of the most important expectations of any patient during hospitalisation, is privacy. For example, you may want to provide single sex accommodation, or section off a ward to create a private room. You can limit the potential spread of infectious conditions, by using movable acoustic walls. Hospital cafeteria and shopping facility areas can be partitioned off, or conversely, opened up again. We strive to create a minimal amount of disruption to your patients and customers. The speed of the installation can vary depending on the size and design of your order, but we can usually accomplish this in one day.

Redefine Your Leisure and Hospitality Space

Movable acoustic walls are extremely popular in the leisure and hospitality industry. Whether you need to separate a ballroom, function or reception room, this technology is for you. The ability to manage your own space is invaluable. Do you require an open space for a large function or conference? It is supremely easy to slide the movable wall back, due to our efficient and advanced design. Would you like a training or teaching space for your staff, which affords you privacy and confidentiality? Here at AEG Partitions, we have exactly what you are looking for. Why not look at our comprehensive range of movable acoustic walls on our website?

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