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What is a Sliding Folding Partition?

Sliding fold partitions are becoming a hugely popular option with businesses worldwide, and it’s easy to see why! Convenience, flexibility, and well roundedness is the name of the game these days, which is exactly what this simple variation of movable walls brings to any setting. Not only are they durable options that are sure to be a sound investment, but they keep your indoor area adaptable and versatile, so you can continue to achieve maximum output at all times.

We’ve piqued your interest, right? Let’s find out a little more about sliding folding partitions, so you can make more of an informed judgement as to whether they are the right option for you.

What is it?

So, what actually is a sliding fold partition? It is a wall that is used to split off certain parts of a large indoor space, turning a larger area smaller and vice versa. The main advantage that this piece of kit has over a standard wall is that it can be moved and repositioned to fit the purpose of the event. This gives you control over the size of your room as and when you need it.

The wall is made from a long-lasting wood material that is coated in plastic to provide a backbone to your facility for years to come. With acoustic properties being one of the main features of our AEG sliding walls, it’s little surprise that a sliding fold partition has an acoustic rating of 35-52dB, perfect for blocking out any noise that could cause a distraction.

Easy to operate

Once you’ve decided to install this partition in your setting, you’ll be amazed at how convenient and simple it is to operate. Working on a continuously hinged system, simply sliding them across a metal track will allow them to come together from two sides and create the wall you’re looking for. As soon as you’re finished and want to operate in a large space once more, simply slide them back and continue as normal.

They neatly fold into place in an existing wall when not in use, so that they don’t become an eye sore and always provide a seamless transition.

Provides flexibility

Why do people opt for a sliding folding partition? It’s usually because of the freedom it gives them to transform their indoor space into something they are happy with. The ability to effortlessly transition from a smaller space to something much larger and back again is a useful trait that can really increase the potential of an area that may have been lacking beforehand.

Not only will your space become much more multi-functional, but it will also give the room a purpose that it may have been crying out for, breathing new life into a space that was sat dormant previously.

Suitable in many places

The best fit for a sliding folding partition is pretty much any indoor area! They are usually found in educational facilities and office spaces, however. This is usually because of their consistent flow of activity, whilst needing a more private space for quieter classes and meetings.

The flexibility afforded by these movable walls has made them a big hit in many spaces that feel like they could benefit from a variety of options when it comes to utilising the area to its full potential.

If you feel like your building could reap the rewards of a sliding folding partition, the experienced team at AEG Partitions are certainly the people to call.

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