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What is the role of movable walls in schools?

Movable walls are nothing new but are only recently being utilised in schools and educational spaces, providing a much more positive learning experience as a result. So, if your building hasn’t incorporated one of these as of yet, then you’re unfortunately behind the curve. But fear not, the benefits of one of these handy additions are twofold. You will immediately see an improvement in the quality of life for teachers, and should also see an upturn in student’s grades, as they can learn in a way that suits them best.

So, with this in mind, we thought we would produce a blog post highlighting the importance of movable walls in schools, and why you should look to implement these if you haven’t already…

A flexible learning space

A movable partition wall is the perfect way of allowing teachers to create smaller or larger learning spaces depending on what they feel is most appropriate at the time. This could be converting the classroom into a quieter, more concentrated environment for smaller groups – who are perhaps struggling with a certain subject.  – or expanding the space to encourage cooperative learning in larger groups.

You can use acoustic movable walls to your advantage whenever you need them, allowing you to utilise more learning scenarios than ever before.

Make the most of all space available

We understand that in schools, space can sometimes be at a premium. This is why movable walls can be a terrific way of optimising the space at your disposal. An example of this is a large assembly room that can easily be split off into smaller classrooms. At AEG Partitions, we have found that schools and educational facilities greatly benefit from this versatility, so overcrowding is avoided, and children and teachers alike are afforded more space to teach and be taught.

Movable walls can also be excellent additions for parents evenings, where a smaller more intimate space is more appropriate, or can help split up a larger room in the case of an exam. The possibilities are endless and can really give your school an added convenience it didn’t have before.

Reinvigorate a bland setting

There is no shame in admitting your school is in need of a fresh look! After all, this can be the catalyst in keeping teachers and students  interested and engaged in their learning. Sounds like a must have, right? Movable walls are available in many colours and styles from AEG Partitions to help add a splash of personality to an old build. There is also the possibility  to add artwork and displays to the walls (e.g. the periodic table, map of the world etc.) to fully incorporate them into your learning setting.

Use movable walls to help brighten up your classroom and give your school a sense of modernity and engagement.

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