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Where are Concertina Walls used?

High performance concertina walls are usually a godsend for many buildings around the world. Such is their versatility; you can easily find them in the communal space you may be sat in right now! As they can be easily moved to fit your requirements, some building owners find it useful to have them installed just in case they’re needed at any point!

Here at AEG Partitions, we are the people to call if you require this kind of partition for your indoor space. But, if you’re on the fence about whether you need one, let us take you through some of their most common uses so you can distinguish once and for all whether concertina room dividers are your ideal solution.

Educational environments

One of the most popular uses for sliding walls are in educational facilities. Their flexible nature allows teachers to create unique workspaces for students. For example, a larger area may be useful for guest speakers or assemblies for a whole year group. However, for more intense lessons, it may be more useful for a smaller class size to participate, therefore making a smaller, more intimate space more appropriate.

By simply moving your wall, you’re able to quickly change between room sizes by adding – or removing – a temporary wall. This is especially useful in educational spaces where space may be at a premium already. With sliding walls from AEG Partitions, you can change the size of your classroom on the fly between lessons, which explains why it is so popular with those who run schools, nurseries etc.

Creating a suitable meeting space

Similarly, to a school setting, concertina partitions are an ideal addition to an office space. It’s often said that a flexible space gives you more possibilities when it comes to the general usage of your space. Whether you require an open area for full team discussions or to place temporary desks, or somewhere smaller for important, confidential meetings, you should surely consider concertina walls.

Here, you can make sure that your meetings remain private, and minimal distractions are apparent. Such is the incredible acoustic performance of our products – with an acoustic rating of up to 35dB – you can be sure that any outside noise won’t wreak havoc with the professional impression we all want to give off.

Perfect for centre stage

Ideal for creating temporary stages, it’s little wonder why a sliding folding partition is frequently used in theatres in auditoriums. Using them to your advantage can create a perfect stage space to face the audience, or you can remove the wall entirely to use the stage as a larger space for rehearsing or teaching. With the movable walls from AEG Partitions, the possibilities are endless. The chances are, if you would like your indoor space to have multiple uses, one of our products will be the ideal solution for you.

Their accessible, easy to use nature means that, between scenes, it’s simple to manoeuvre the walls in a way that suits you, ensuring a seamless transition and a performance that goes by without a hitch.

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