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Where can you use a movable wall?

Firstly, what is a movable wall?

Movable walls are exactly that. They’re walls that you can move, allowing for flexibility within a space, enabling the environment to be adaptable to your needs and therefore more efficient.

But where exactly can movable walls be used?

In this blog, we’ll discuss where movable walls can be used and why you should consider investing in one.

Repurposing your office space

No business stays the same forever. Whether you’ve experienced significant business growth in a short space of time but don’t want to move offices or have progressed in the digital world and now favour hosting webinars over in-person events, having an adaptable office environment can be beneficial to your business.

Allow for flexibility within a large, open-plan workspace by adding movable partition walls. This gives you the option to transform your workspace into smaller, reactive workspaces.

For example, adding a movable wall into your existing meeting space or boardroom allows you to divide this down into multiple smaller meeting rooms when required, utilising all your available space.

If you don’t already have a dedicated meeting space, you could add a movable wall to your usual workspace. This will then allow you to section off a specific section when privacy is needed for important meetings or interviews.

Whether they admit it or not, no one wants to speak in a large, empty room when hosting a webinar. Section your large event space into smaller, more intimate event spaces, perfectly suited for hosting a webinar. Then, when you’re hosting a larger in-person event, you can fold the movable walls away to maximise the space, creating a fresh, open, welcoming feel.

Creating adaptable classrooms

When it comes to learning, no two lessons are the same, so it can be difficult to design a classroom to cater for all.

Movable walls are already a common sight when it comes to universities, making large lecture theatres dividable to help with the increasing demand for space.

So why not utilise them in a school environment? Hide a distracting play corner whilst your students need to focus on their phonics or create smaller breakout spaces for group work. Investing in movable walls within a school allows you to make the most of the space available.

Soundproofing might not be something that springs to mind when you think of movable walls. So, you might be surprised to find out that movable walls come with a degree of soundproofing – making them ideal for increasingly popular quiet spaces within schools.

Movable walls are especially suitable for classroom environments thanks to their durable nature, plus they come in a variety of colours to match your school branding or to even add a much-needed pop of colour.

Multi-use sports centres

Moveable walls provide an attractive, affordable option when it comes to sports centres and sports halls.

Quite often, these are large, open rooms. And when there’s a specific sporting event taking place – a mini indoor football tournament for example – this is great. But what happens when smaller groups need the space? For a Zumba class with 20 attendees, for example, it probably isn’t effective to hire your room out to such a small group.

But what if you could hire it out to multiple groups at a time?

That’s where moveable walls come in handy.

They’ll allow you to section your space into smaller rooms, enabling you to host more groups at one time. Now your Zumba crew can take place at the same time as your table tennis group.

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