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3 unexpected places sliding walls can be useful (and the benefits they offer)

Sliding walls, movable walls and vinyl concertina partitions are quickly becoming the addition of choice for countless institutions looking to change things up with their internal designs, or those seeking a low-cost alternative to traditional walls or glass walls.

Not only are sliding walls and similar products a visual treat, instantly adding a touch of elegance and interest to any location, but they’re also infinitely useful in various ways.

Rather than building a traditional wall from bricks and mortar (which takes time and is undoubtedly messy), sliding wall partitions on a continuously hinged system or floor track offer a completely versatile solution for when temporary privacy is needed, or you simply need to mix up your available meeting spaces without trekking to the other side of the building.

It’s for reasons like these that sliding folding partitions have become a key feature in schools, hospitals and offices up and down the country – but where else are they useful? Keep reading to find out… You never know, a movable wall might be the solution you never knew you needed!

Unexpected locations where sliding and folding walls can be of use


Gyms are often bustling balls of energy, with many people partaking in a range of activities to keep themselves fit and healthy.

While many of the machines and workout areas gym-goers use are out in the open amongst the sea of other machines and people, there is sometimes the need for a more private area. 

A good example of this is when specific workout classes take place. Rather than having these classes on full display to the rest of the gym community, which may be intimidating or uncomfortable for some people, the addition of a sliding wall allows such classes to take place behind closed doors – even if those closed doors are only temporary!

Dividing rooms in gyms with sliding partitions is a fantastic way to offer gym class members the privacy they need to feel at ease, without permanently cutting off an entire section of the gym, making the whole space feel much more open and inviting when class is not in session.

Conference halls

Conference halls (or similar venues) are a great way to deliver an event or message to a large group of people in person. But they aren’t always precisely fit for purpose, depending on the messaging being delivered.

If, shall we say, a conference hall needed to host separate mini-events or segmented groups throughout the venue, offering these groups any kind of privacy without potentially being interrupted by another nearby group would be virtually impossible. 

But with sliding folding partitions, a conference hall can easily be split up into individual areas, allowing smaller groups the chance to converse and deliver their messaging in a more relaxed, private space. This also works great if the sound between groups needs to be dampened, so everyone can be heard. 

Acoustic folding walls can prevent sound from passing between groups, offering even more privacy and easy listening for all involved.

Shops or stalls

Shops and stalls can often be home to a huge array of different products, not falling under one all-encompassing category.

Thankfully, shop owners often separate these products into sections, making it easier for their customers to find the items they need. But what if there was a need to make a certain section more private, or to separate it completely from the rest of the offerings?

Sliding walls make this simple. At a whim, a shop owner could easily separate their products into an entirely independent section, without the need to build permanent structures that may not be needed as an everyday essential component. 

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With our extensive knowledge and experience in higher specification movable walls, acoustic walls and sliding wall maintenance, we’re your ideal partners as you make your move towards more versatile interior wall solutions. 

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